Audi Canada

Markus Duesmann to be new Audi CEO

The Chairman of a Supervisory Board of AUDI AG, Dr. Herbert Diess, commented on a change of CEO: “As an glorious engineer, Markus Duesmann will do all in his energy to precedence a good intensity of a Audi code and will once again denote a guarantee of Vorsprung durch Technik”. At a same time, Dr. Diess thanked a stream Chairman of a Board of Management, Bram Schot: “He took over a government of AUDI AG during a formidable time, really successfully managed a business and instituted critical changes. We specifically appreciate him for that.” Among a many critical cornerstones of a new Audi plan are a accelerated mutation into a provider of tolerable mobility and a dynamic decarbonization of a company.

The Chairman of a General Works Council of AUDI AG and Deputy Chairman of a Supervisory Board, Peter Mosch: “We design Markus Duesmann and his government group to safeguard fast ability function during a plants and to foster some-more bravery to take a lead by technology. We demeanour brazen to certain team-work in a interests of a employees and a company.” Mosch commented on Bram Schot: “The right male during Audi during a right time. He started a informative mutation towards fewer hierarchies, a transparent value complement and some-more openness. In mid-2018, Schot insincere shortcoming for a association in a really formidable situation.”