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Maro Engel – The ideal chauffeur.

“The intriguing thing about ‘Need a Ride’,” says Engel, “is that someone gets in your automobile who has a singular story to tell. They’re successful people in their particular fields who are utterly identical in their approach of meditative and who are joined by a good clarity of purpose.” In his pursuit as a chauffeur and host, Engel doesn’t consider of himself during all as a journalist. He is, however, meddlesome in a “story behind things”. His idea is for his passengers to start articulate about themselves. When cruising by a opposite cities, he sees himself some-more in a purpose of a true man. “I’m a crony to healthy review development,” he says. “You can always learn from people who are successful in their lives. In fact, with each filming of ‘Need a Ride’ so far, I’ve taken something divided with me.” To wit.