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Mary Barra’s Oral Testimony for U.S. House Hearing

Mary Barra’s Oral Testimony for U.S. House Hearing






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WASHINGTON, D.C. – General Motors CEO Mary Barra seemed Wednesday before a U.S. House Committee on Energy Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. Her prepared verbal remarks are below. As always, a oral word is definitive.

I conclude a possibility to seem before we again now on a ignition switch remember issue.

Before move with my brief remarks, we wish to once again demonstrate my sympathies to a families that mislaid desired ones and to those who suffered earthy injury. we am ever aware that we have a special shortcoming to them, and a best proceed to perform that shortcoming is to repair this problem by putting in place a indispensable changes to forestall this from ever function again.

When we was here 11 weeks ago, we told we how we dictated to ensue with this matter. we betrothed that we would control a extensive and pure examination into a causes of a ignition switch problem. we betrothed we would share a commentary of Mr. Valukas’ news with Congress, a regulators, NHTSA, and a Courts. we betrothed we would reason people accountable and make concrete and fast changes in a proceed to recalls. Finally, we betrothed we would rivet Ken Feinberg to rise a only and timely module for compensating a families who mislaid desired ones and those who suffered vicious earthy injury.

We have finished any of these things and more. And we acquire a event to plead them with we further.

The Valukas report, as we now know, is intensely thorough, brutally tough and deeply troubling. It paints a design of an classification that unsuccessful to hoop a formidable reserve emanate in a obliged way. we was deeply saddened and uneasy as we examination a report. For those of us who have dedicated a lives to this company, it is enormously unpleasant to have a shortcomings laid out so vividly. There is no proceed to minimize a earnest of what Mr. Valukas and his investigators uncovered.

On Jun 2, Mr. Valukas presented a commentary of his examination to a Board of Directors of General Motors. we will leave it to Mr. Valukas to criticism on his report. For my part, we wish we to know my greeting to a news and some of a actions we have taken given receiving it.

  1. After reviewing a Valukas report, we done a array of crew decisions. Fifteen people identified in a news are no longer with a company.
  2. We have restructured a reserve decision-making routine to lift it to a top levels of a company, addressing a pivotal indicate in a Valukas news that vicious information was kept from comparison management. Under a new system, that problem should never be repeated.
  3. We are now conducting what we trust is a many exhaustive, extensive reserve examination in a story of a company. We are withdrawal no mill unturned and devoting whatever resources it takes to brand intensity reserve issues on all of a stream vehicles and on vehicles no longer in production. I’ve told a employees it’s not adequate to repair this problem. Our shortcoming contingency be to set a new attention customary for reserve and quality. This is a new norm.
  4. We announced a origination of, and have implemented, a new Global Product Integrity classification that will raise a altogether reserve and quality. And, we are holding an assertive proceed on recalls as we are bringing larger strictness and fortify to a research and decision-making routine per recalls and other intensity safety-related matters. It is formidable to announce so many recalls, though it is positively a right thing to do.
  5. As we discussed final time, we intent Ken Feinberg to examination options for substantiating a remuneration module and that routine is relocating brazen rapidly. Mr. Feinberg has full management to settle eligibility criteria for victims and establish remuneration levels. He has indicated he will share a final criteria with us by a finish of a month. We also design to start estimate claims by Aug 1.
  6. We combined a new position of VP of Global Vehicle Safety and allocated Jeff Boyer, a rarely reputable consultant in a field, to a position. we have privately told Jeff he will have whatever resources he needs to do this job. In fact, we have named a comparison profession to support him and to promote fast information-sharing opposite a organization.
  7. We combined 35 reserve investigators that will concede us to brand and residence issues most some-more quickly.
  8. We instituted Speak Up For Safety, enlivening employees to news intensity reserve issues quickly. And we are going to commend employees when they do so. More than only a debate or program, it’s a start of changing a proceed we consider during GM. 

Two weeks ago, we purposefully addressed a whole tellurian workforce about a report. we told a group as bluntly as we knew how, that a array of controversial actions and inactions unclosed in a examination were inexcusable.

I also told them that while we wish to solve a problems as fast as possible, we never wish anyone compared with GM to forget what happened. we wish this terrible knowledge henceforth etched in a common memories. This isn’t only another business challenge. This is a comfortless problem that never should have happened.  And it contingency never occur again. 

This news creates a array of recommendations in 8 categorical areas. we have committed a association to act on all of a recommendations, and we are relocating brazen on many of them already.

Finally, Mr. Chairman and Members of a Committee, we know some of we are wondering about my joining to solve a low underlying informative problems unclosed in this report. The answer is we will not rest until these problems are resolved. As we told a employees, we am not fearful of a truth.

And we am not going to accept business as common during GM. It’s time — in fact, it’s past time — to insist on sum burden and make certain that critical information is common opposite all functions in a company… so we can unleash a full energy of a 200,000 employees, a 21,000 dealers and a 23,000 suppliers.

We are a good company, though we can and contingency be most better. That’s my concentration and that’s my guarantee to you, a employees, a customers, a shareholders and a American people.

Thank we again for carrying me here today.

I am gratified to take your questions.

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