BMW Canada

Masterpieces of record and creativity: a BMW Concept 8 Series and Studio Drift’s FRANCHISE FREEDOM drifting sculpture during Miami Beach.

  • New-style partnership with on-going artists creates special
    practice for those benefaction and impulse for a forthcoming
    luxury-segment indication offensive.
  • Launched during a Art Basel in Miami Beach 2017
  • Concept automobile by BMW and performative pattern by Studio Drift join
    army to move a beauty and mindfulness of transformation to life.

Munich / Miami Beach. Out of creativity and
technological imagination are innate innovative masterpieces – in art and
automotive pattern alike. BMW is teaming adult with Studio Drift during the
Art Basel satisfactory in Miami Beach to benefaction substantial examples of this
formula, pleasantness of a FRANCHISE FREEDOM drifting sculpture and the
BMW Concept 8 Series. The brainchild of a Amsterdam formed artistic
twin Studio Drift, FRANCHISE FREEDOM will see 300 bright drones
tranquil by decentralised algorithms celebrating a beauty and
mindfulness of movement. Likewise on arrangement in Miami, BMW’s concept
automobile offers a demeanour forward to a new 8 Series Coupe due to strike a roads
in 2018. With a serve grown pattern denunciation and standout
sporting ability, a new automobile will redefine a brand’s time-honoured
joining to pulling pleasure for a oppulance segment.

Art Basel in Miami Beach 2017 is hosting a premiere of “FRANCHISE
FREEDOM – a drifting sculpture by Studio Drift in partnership with BMW”.
For roughly 50 years now, BMW has unearthed and upheld talented
performers in a worlds of art and culture. The association has helped to
spin artistic visions into reality, with a uninhibited artistic
leisure of a artistic minds and institutions upheld by the
association holding centre theatre during all times. When Studio Drift approached
BMW with a desirous project, a association – an Art Basel partner of
many years – wasn’t about to let a event pass. Over the
indirect 6 months BMW fake a sharp-witted and cultivatable attribute with
Studio Drift, only as it has with artists such as Jeff Koons, Olafur
Eliasson and Cao Fei over a years.

BMW’s partnership with on-going artists goes palm in palm with
a stirring indication descent in a oppulance segment. Like a car
maker’s super-luxurious models, a artists emanate singular and
moving practice with their work and performances. BMW is
therefore creation new and disdainful worlds of knowledge for these
flagship models, as good as a new code temperament that combines the
name of a association (Bayerische Motoren Werke) combined out and a BMW
roundel in black and white. This is one component of a company’s
NUMBER ONE NEXT plan and it sees a BMW Group pulling ahead
with a growth of ACES (Autonomous, Connected, Electrified,
Services) technology.

The disdainful premiere of FRANCHISE FREEDOM will take place on the
Faena Hotel beach during 9 pm on Wednesday, Dec 6. Weather
permitting, serve open performances will follow over a march of
a week after. Times will be announced by Studio Drift on Instagram
@studio.drift and by BMW on Instagram and Facebook @bmwgroupculture.
The drones will also be manifest from a substantial stretch away.

Over a march of 10 years and more, Studio Drift’s work has
regularly bright a attribute between people, inlet and
technology. The duo’s projects constantly enhance a possibilities
combined by technology, in sequence to beget new cultured experiences
from a advances made. This proceed to creativity spurred BMW into
signing adult for a FRANCHISE FREEDOM project.

“We trust we should never stop learning, and so we’re gay to
be concerned in these collaborations, to learn from artists with whom
we share a mindset of always severe and reinventing a status
quo,” says Hildegard Wortmann, Senior Vice President Brand BMW. “By
harnessing creativity and innovative record we are formulating works
that constraint a imagination. This is an proceed we have also
adopted in a growth of a oppulance cars.” The grade to which
a simple philosophies of Studio Drift and BMW intersect can be seen in
a film shave constructed during preparations for a premiere.

BMW has been active in general informative initiatives for almost
5 decades now, fuelled by unrestrained and honour for a purpose of
creation in a artistic sphere. Its impasse stretches from
complicated and contemporary art around exemplary song and jazz to
pattern and design. As prolonged ago as 1972, a artist Gerhard
Richter constructed large-format paintings for a run of BMW
domicile in Munich. And a BMW Art Car Collection, that since
1975 has featured contributions from eminent artists such as Andy
Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Jeff Koons, is building on a tradition
with works by Chinese artist Cao Fei and a American John Baldessari.
BMW supports museums, art fairs, orchestras and show houses around
a world, in a routine bringing innovative formats like BMW Tate
Live and Opera for All to life.