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Mazda Leads a Way With Three AJAC ‘Best’ Category Wins

– Mazda repeats 2018 opening with CX-5, CX-9 winning awards –

MONTREAL, Jan. 17, 2019 /CNW/ – Today during a Montreal International Auto Show media preview, Mazda Canada Inc. supposed 3 awards from a Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) for winning their altogether categories. The MX-5 was awarded Best Sports-Performance Car, while a CX-5 took a endowment for Best Mid-Size Utility Vehicle, and a CX-9 was named Best Large Utility Vehicle. These awards make a MX-5 authorised to win a altogether 2019 Canadian Car of a Year award, and a CX-5 and CX-9 are on a shortlist to win a Canadian Utility Vehicle of a Year for 2019.

Massey Kondo, President, Mazda Canada, and Jacques Parent, Quebec Regional Manager, Mazda Canada, accept 3 AJAC awards from Mark Richardson, President, AJAC (CNW Group/Mazda Canada Inc.)

“Mazda’s finished it again in 2019, and taken home 3 of a 12 difficulty wins for AJAC’s Canadian Car and Utility Vehicle of a Year 2019. Winning one difficulty is a good achievement, and winning dual categories is exceptional. To win 3 categories is a really transparent proof that Mazda’s vehicles are right in sync with what Canadians wish to expostulate this year,” pronounced Mark Richardson, President, AJAC.

Mazda prides itself on building some of a excellent vehicles in a industry, and these awards go a prolonged approach to behind adult a confidence. Following 2018’s 3 difficulty wins, Mazda became a many awarded code by AJAC over their some-more than thirty-year history. By adding another 3 difficulty wins in 2019, Mazda usually serve cements this pretension in place.

The 2019 MX-5 and MX-5 RF exist usually to put a grin on a driver’s face; a goal that’s been in place given a initial MX-5 debuted to a universe roughly thirty years ago. Even nonetheless pristine speed has never been during a tip of a list, 2019 sees some vital revisions to a 2.0L engine underneath a hood of a ‘ND’ era MX-5, lifting a energy outlay to 181 horsepower, a many ever in a MX-5. With this comes a aloft redline, permitting a engine to rev all a approach adult to a new high of 7,500 RPM. As a outcome of countless changes, a 2019 MX-5 is quicker, some-more manageable and some-more enchanting to drive, adhering to Mazda’s singular Jinba Ittai—”horse and supplement as one”—engineering philosophy.

AJAC’s 2018 Best Small Utility, a Mazda CX-5 compress crossover, earnings to take a tip mark once again, winning a recently-renamed category, 2019 Best Mid-Size Utility. The 2018 CX-5 took a extensive package and introduced updates to both 2.0L and 2.5L engines that reduced inner friction, augmenting low-end torque and shortening real-world fuel consumption. The 2.5L Skyactiv-G engine also introduced cylinder-deactivation to serve raise fuel economy with gains of adult to 20 percent improvements during city speeds, and approximately 5 percent on a highway. The 2019 CX-5 (not nonetheless accessible for contrast for these awards) ups a opening pouch with a introduction of a Skyactiv-G 2.5T, a turbocharged engine producing 250 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque during only 2,000 RPM. A new Signature trim adds a aloft turn of sophistication with authentic materials used in a cabin, such as Cocoa Nappa leather, and genuine Abachi timber trim via a interior.

The 2019 Mazda CX-9 is also a returning winner, holding a endowment for AJAC’s Best Large Utility for a second year in a row. The CX-9 is Mazda’s largest vehicle, featuring 3 rows of seats with room for adult to 7 passengers. For 2019, a CX-9 perceived improvements to a interior serenity and interior craftsmanship, and combined new facilities business have been seeking for, such as Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, 360° View Monitor, and ventilated front seats. In addition, changes were done to a steering and doing opening to yield even improved control and drivability to surpass a driver’s expectations.

“We are really shamed to be awarded 3 of a difficulty awards for AJAC’s ‘Best New’ vehicles once again in 2019,” pronounced Massey Kondo, President, Mazda Canada. “These awards are borne out of a unprejudiced and reputable opinions of some of Canada’s many successful automobile experts. We are beholden that this height exists to prominence a really best vehicles accessible to consumers today, including a MX-5, CX-5, and CX-9, that we are unapproachable to underline in a Canadian line-up.”

The AJAC Canadian Car and Utility Vehicle of a Year awards module offers some of a many desired automotive awards accessible on a Canadian automotive landscape, and paint a common voice of Canada’s tip automotive experts. Vehicles are judged on a vast accumulation of design and biased qualities, definition there is no singular cause that determines a win. Instead, a car contingency paint an altogether package of quality, value, comfort, fuel economy, and many other factors that are vicious to a Canadian consumer.

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