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Medical gloves for softened ergonomics in prolongation during Audi


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• Assembly assist reduces aria on a hands by some-more than half
• Audi Board of Management Member for Production Prof. Dr. Hubert Waltl:
  “We place good value on ergonomic workplaces for a employees.”

Audi’s Production multiplication is improving ergonomics as good as health and reserve in a factories. Employees during a plants in Ingolstadt, Neckarsulm, Brussels and Győr are now contrast new medical gloves. These so called prolongation orthoses revoke vigour highlight with many public tasks by some-more than 50 percent. It is designed to put a special glove into array focus this year.

The employees in car‑door public during Audi implement approximately 300 trim strips per shift. This subjects a wrist and a round of a palm in sold to increasing stress. In sequence to revoke this stress, Audi has grown a joint‑friendly orthosis together with Spörer AG, an Ingolstadt association that specializes in orthopedic technology. When this special glove is used, a palm is subjected to reduction aria while maintaining a pleasing clarity and limit mobility. “With a prolongation orthoses, we are once again demonstrating that ergonomically designed workplaces have tip priority during Audi. This helps us to keep a employees healthy and effective, and also enhances a feeling of well‑being in a prolongation areas,” settled Prof. Dr. Hubert Waltl, Board of Management Member for Production during AUDI AG.

In building a glove, Audi cooperated closely with a prolongation workers. The interdisciplinary growth group consisting of plant doctors and occupational reserve specialists as good as formulation and prolongation staff frequently done use of worker feedback to adjust a glove ideally to a requirements. The outcome is a breathable glove done of Teflon. In a area where vigour is exerted, it has a shock-absorbent backing that reduces a army behaving on a hand. A rarely effervescent tie stabilizes a wrist.

At present, 1,000 Audi employees are contrast a orthoses during a plants in Ingolstadt, Neckarsulm, Brussels and Győr. The commander plan is partial of a “Workplace of a Future” area of a company’s ergonomic strategy. With “We for us. Active into a future,” Audi is reacting to a vast series of hurdles brought by a constantly changing universe of work. At a finish of this year, a prolongation orthoses will be accessible for all assembly-line workers during a 4 Audi plants.