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Meet Jimmy and Marie-Claude. This is their genuine story.

Imagine: you’re about to put a kids to bed when we hear it. The warning screams within a city given a stream is about to overflow.

Jimmy Quirion and Marie-Claude Blais are used to this scenario. Each spring, a Chaudière River keeps them on high alert: will a ice and sleet means H2O levels to rise? Will their city be safe?

In those conditions we need a car that’s means of confronting hurdles conduct on. So, we need something safe, arguable and, many importantly, tough.

Flooding in Beauce as seen from an F-150

Flooding in Beauce

“We wouldn’t have been means to go by a highway though a truck.”− Marie-Claude Blais

Last spring, a Beauceville segment in Quebec gifted poignant flooding. An ice jam shaped in a stream and with a complicated rains, a H2O turn of a stream rose intensely quickly.

That night, Jimmy and Marie-Claude got an puncture call. One of their friends indispensable assistance given H2O was rushing into a groundwork creation a whole residence intensely dangerous. Jimmy and Marie-Claude didn’t have to consider twice. They got into their F-150 and done their approach by a city.

When they arrived in a city, a streets were jammed. But it wasn’t a standard trade jam; H2O levels had risen so high that cars and trucks were literally stranded in a center of a road. Under normal circumstances, you’d rethink a devise and find an choice route, though Jimmy and Marie-Claude indispensable to strech their crony and they had certainty that their F-150 would withstand anything a inundate put in front of them.

For Jimmy and Marie-Claude, it’s critical to assistance any other and a community, no matter a conditions. Along with proffer firefighters, Jimmy was one of a many internal heroes of Beauceville who worked all night to leave people and assistance save what could be saved from their basements.

“We are happy we could assistance given of a F-150.”− Jimmy Quirion, Indoor complement contractor

Jimmy Quirion and Marie-Claude Blais

Jimmy Quirion and Marie-Claude Blais

For Marie-Claude and Jimmy, there is no doubt: a F-150 is THE lorry for a job. It’s ideally versed for Beauce’s highway conditions, even when Mother Nature throws them a curveball. With a energy and suspension, a F-150 is always an beguiling ride, on a mud trail as good as on a high slopes.

And given Jimmy, who is a contractor, mostly needs to lift complicated materials, he needs a car with higher hauling capability. However, this isn’t what excites him a most. When it comes to attaching his trailer, Jimmy is all about a rear-view camera!

With dual children and a third one on a way, load space and comfort are critical to Marie-Claude. With a F-150, she knows she’ll have adequate space to lift her kids and all her other things though sacrificing toughness.

So either it’s removing a kids to and from school, or traversing by a scattered flood, Jimmy and Marie-Claude rest on their lorry — a toughest lorry — a Ford F-150.

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