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Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2018: Never Stop Improving feat. Roger Federer.

“Never Stop Improving” is about a one thing that athletes and a Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2018 have in common: they both relentlessly try to get improved each day.

Feat. Roger Federer, Akani Simbine and Serious Klein.

Now in a fifth year of production, a C-Class is a many successful indication array from Mercedes-Benz and boasts a resources of enhancements. In terms of looks, a concentration of a redesign work was on a front of a car as good as a pattern of a headlamps and tail lamps. The electronic design is totally new. The patron advantages from a user knowledge with an optionally entirely digital instrument arrangement and multimedia systems with tailor-made information and music. The assistance systems are now during a turn of a S‑Class. There are also new petrol and diesel engines.