Mercedes-Benz Canada

Mercedes-Benz dream routes: Galicia.

The genuine plea for manager and driver, however, follows on a final 7 kilometres adult to a Sil riverbank, where a passengers stand onto a catamaran during a jetty to suffer a perspective of a high hillsides of a Sil fill and a 2,000-year-old terraced vineyards from a water.

The landscape becomes increasingly high and full of bends. The LU-903 snakes by a vineyards forward some-more than 400 metres in altitude. A highway pointer warns: adult to 9 per cent gradient. Only a knee-high wall separates a manager from a abyss to a right of a road. The large bends are parsimonious and offer no perspective ahead. The dim clouds and wisps of damp mist, that arise from a terraced vineyards today, strengthen a play of this weird landscape, while a manager rolls serve down a fill hook after bend. Chauffeur Angel has driven this track many times already. “You have to know a highway precisely,” he says. On a slight roads and on a bends, that hardly leave room for a 12.30-metre-long coach, it is a matter of guileless a driver’s skills as good as a coach’s stop and framework technology.