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Mercedes-Benz FutureInsight: ?Human first?.

“At Mercedes-Benz we are assured that a digital mutation can usually be designed successfully if it is deeply anchored within society. Humans and entrance to information contingency be during a heart of a digital transformation,” says Jasmin Eichler, Head of Research Future Technologies during Daimler AG. “That is because we are also operative on solutions in a margin of digitalisation that place a freedom, decision-making liberty and individuality of tellurian beings during their centre. We aim to emanate a change between humans and technology. The proceed we are following here is ‘Human first’.”

Because there are opposite issues around digital transformation, Mercedes-Benz is basing a attempts on “open innovation”. Stakeholders from all opposite industries – business, research, art, attention or biology – are brought together for common investigate purposes. The formula are projects that cruise a destiny of mobility from new perspectives and that furnish well-developed problem-solving approaches. Mercedes-Benz presented some of these collaborative projects during a FutureInsight eventuality in Berlin.