Mercedes-Benz Canada

Mercedes-Benz ancestral vehicles.

The Mercedes-Simplex 18/28 hp introduced in 1904 is formed on a 35-hp Mercedes. The latter was a initial automobile to bear a name Mercedes (from late 1900). Named after Mercedes Jellinek, a afterwards eleven-year-old daughter of businessman and automotive fan Emil Jellinek, a automobile outlines a decisive depart from a until afterwards widespread obsolete pattern element formed on a motorised carriage, and is so deliberate a initial complicated engine car. The innovative automobile creates a outcry in sold by a successes during a Nice Week in Mar 1901. Subsequent models, offering underneath a name Mercedes-Simplex from 1902, continue a success story. The further to a name, “Simplex” refers to a elementary doing compulsory by a car, simple, that is, by a standards of a day. Mercedes-Simplex high-performance sports cars browbeat not usually a Nice Week races in 1902 and 1903; a 60-hp indication also achieves a until afterwards biggest engine sports success for Mercedes in Jun 1903: Camille Jenatzy, during a circle of a 60-hp Mercedes-Simplex, wins a Gordon Bennett competition in Ireland, a many critical engine sports eventuality of a time.