Mercedes-Benz Canada

Mercedes-Benz International Designer Exchange Program.

The programme is now active opposite all Mercedes-Benz upheld tellurian conform platforms. Designers have showcased their work in locations as sundry as New York, Amsterdam and Madrid to Tbilisi, Berlin, Sydney, Kiev, Milan, Beijing and Prague. This year in sold played horde to some innovative exchanges, culturally mixing a likes of Italian Vivetta and China local Angel Chen who substituted their particular countries to showcase their pattern offerings. Presenting her collection during Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week, Vivetta Ponti offering adult a 1940s mood desirous by a circus, featuring acrobats and carousels. “I am flattered we had a possibility to benefaction my collection in Beijing this deteriorate and to be means to give prominence to Italian character with a Chinese public,” pronounced Ponti of a experience.