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This stop-motion animation was done by 3 students from a Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design – Annarita Matuschka, Eduard Losing and Dirk Michael Flach – and Stefan Heller, a freelance artist and charcterised film maker. Their brief film, that lasts around dual minutes, invites a spectator to see a story of a Mercedes-Benz code in a new dimension. The stars of a brief film embody a inventors of a vehicle Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler along with dual womanlike protagonists: Bertha Benz, who done a world’s initial long-distance automobile tour with her sons in 1888, and Mercédès Jellinek, who gave her name to Daimler’s automobile code in 1902. The particular scenes are told with easily drawn figures, along with buildings and scenery. The artistic use of scissors, coop and paper has brought a two-dimensional protagonists to life. When it came to formulating a animation, a many critical collection were a film makers’ possess hands and their voices that underline on a concomitant soundtrack. They also used several models that they built themselves and a computer, and a song was specifically composed. From a screenplay to post-production, a film is a outcome of complete teamwork.