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Mercedes-Benz: The new OM 654 four-cylinder diesel engine.

The totally newly grown OM 654 four-cylinder diesel engine was launched as a E 220 d in a new E-Class. Installed in a allied vehicle, a new engine consumes around 13 percent rebate fuel than a predecessor. Besides a optimised atmosphere ducting on both a intake and empty sides, and a use of fourth-generation common-rail injection with pressures adult to 2,050 bar, a approximately 25-percent rebate of inner attrition army also played a vital purpose in achieving this. The new OM 654 is a initial member of a modular-construction engine family that will be used opposite a whole Mercedes-Benz product portfolio. Several energy theatre variants are designed as good as longitudinal or cross ascent in vehicles with front, back or 4MATIC all-wheel expostulate systems.