Mercedes-Benz Canada

Mercedes-Benz: Winter trials of a EQC.

Shortly before a marketplace launch, a EQC is undergoing final tests in Sweden’s snowy landscapes. During these serve winter trials in Arjeplog, Sweden, a engineers compensate sold courtesy to a thermal government of a battery and interior, recharging in cold conditions and doing safety, traction and recuperation on ice and snow. After digital tests and benchtests, a 200 or so prototypes and pre-series models of a EQC cover several million kilometres on 4 continents. The exam programme includes over 500 particular tests in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. During a march of 3 winters and 3 summers, a EQC is subjected to temperatures from reduction 35° adult to over and 50° Celsius. These tests are conducted for final corroboration before patron deliveries of a EQC commence.