Hyundai Canada


COSTA MESA, Calif., Mar 18, 2013 – The New York Mets and Hyundai Motor America currently announced a multi-year partnership for fixing rights to a Hyundai Club during Citi Field, putting a spotlight on a Hyundai code in a New York area as it continues to launch new vehicles and attract some-more customers.

The Hyundai Club, before famous as a Champions Club, is an comprehensive reward seating area located on a margin turn behind home image with 660 seats travelling to a dugouts. The epicurean smorgasboard includes a daily cook preference of forged meats and pasta and total non-alcoholic beverages. A preference of peanuts, popcorn, uninformed baked cookies and ice cream are also available.

Hyundai will have a disdainful right to showcase one of a vehicles on a Field Level confluence in front of a bar for all 81 games. The multi-year agreement is an enlargement of a partnership that began final year with an outfield pointer and participation on SNY.

“Citi Field provides a good venue to showcase an award-winning Hyundai choice that continues to get even stronger,” pronounced Ken Bloech, General Manager for Hyundai Motor America’s Eastern Region. “Over a march of a season, we demeanour brazen to carrying Mets’ fans suffer games from a comfort of a Hyundai Club. We’ll also be displaying a operation of vehicles from an all-new, three-row Santa Fe that’s ideal for families to a redesigned Equus sedan that delivers a aloft turn of excellence for a oppulance segment.”

“We are unapproachable to grow a attribute with Hyundai to including branding rights for one of a premiere seating locations during Citi Field,” pronounced Dave Howard, Executive Vice President Business Operations. “Hyundai is a latest partner to join us for what will be an sparkling All-Star deteriorate for Mets fans.”