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MGT gas turbine family creates breakthrough in a Chinese market

MAN Diesel  Turbo’s MGT gas turbine family is creation a entrance into a Chinese marketplace (archive picture).The MGT gas turbine array from MAN Diesel Turbo is creation a entrance into a Chinese market. The Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Company Ltd. (SVW) will implement 4 6.9 MW gas turbines of a MGT6200 array in a cogeneration (CHP) system. Thus generating low-emission electricity and routine steam well in a destiny for a enlargement of a automotive prolongation plant in a north-west of Shanghai. SVW is so actively ancillary China’s endeavors to make a inhabitant economy some-more tolerable with this initiative.

“As a Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) executive in this project, we are operative closely with MAN Diesel Turbo to finish a sequence on time and in line with a high peculiarity requirements,” explains Fang Jianping, CEO of Shanghai Aerospace Energy Co. Ltd (SAE). As EPC, SAE was directly engaged by SVW.

“We are unapproachable that SVW motionless in foster of SAE and so in a foster for this perfectionist project, in annoy of extreme competition. The marketplace launch of a MGT6200 in China is an critical step for us,” says Nadège Laurent, plan manager for gas turbines during MAN Diesel Turbo. A impending use judgment accompanies a MGT launch in China. Dr Maik Tiedemann, conduct of MAN PrimeServ Turbomachinery, adds: “The use experts from a PrimeServ bend in Shanghai are accessible as internal contacts to yield a OEM use of MAN PrimeServ.”

With a automatic potency rating of 34 percent, a MGT6200 is environment standards in a 6 MW outlay class. Each of a 4 gas turbines being made by MAN during a German Oberhausen plant delivers 6.9 megawatts of automatic appetite and 13.9 megawatts of thermal appetite during an altogether turn of potency of over 80 percent. It so optimally utilizes a appetite calm of a healthy gas used with convincingly low levels of pollutant emissions. “We can offer a Chinese market, that is sepulchral in this outlay category in particular, with a modern, rarely fit gas turbine,” emphasizes Konstantin Divivier, Vice President Gas Turbine Sales Contracts. “With over 8,000 handling hours, a initial MGT6200 appurtenance for a patron that was consecrated during a finish of a summer of 2013 is now a globally concurred reference,” adds Dr Sven-Hendrik Wiers, Vice President Gas Turbine Technology. The growth of a MGT6200 gas turbine was modernized underneath a auspices of a NRW Objective 2 Program 2007-2013 “Regional Competitiveness and Employment (ERDF)”.

The Chinese supervision usually recently authorized a module for a rebate of hothouse gas and pollutant emissions. According to SAE, Chinese healthy gas expenditure will double by 2020 compared with 2013. Their forecasts prove that expenditure will strech 600 million cubic meters per year. With a bureaucratic support, modern, decentralized appetite plants with cogeneration and gas turbines or motors are approaching to gradually reinstate inefficient, old-fashioned coal-fired plants. “The stream sequence is usually a beginning,” stresses SAE President Fang Jianping, “because we wish to secure serve projects in a destiny in team-work with MAN.”