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Mike Horn: The Modern Explorer.

“Pole2Pole” – around a universe once.

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After endless apparatus contrast in Mar in wintry Canada, a “Pole2Pole” journey will start on 6 May 2016 during a Yacht Club in Monaco. From there Mike Horn will cruise to Namibia on his speed vessel PANGAEA. The speed will continue in a G-Class by a world’s oldest desert, a Namib desert, on a Namibian coast. The track afterwards passes by a Okavango delta in Botswana, a world’s largest internal delta, and on to Cape Town in South Africa. From there PANGAEA will take him to a Antarctic, that he will cranky on skis. Mike Horn will afterwards cruise a Pacific by a islands of Oceania to Asia, where he will try tools of New Zealand and Australia. In Papua New Guinea a G-Class will wait him for an speed by unspoilt equatorial forests.

Once in Asia, a serve overland speed in a mythological off-road car leads Horn by a tundra in Kamchatka, before he creates his approach to a North Pole. The impassioned contestant will cranky a Arctic and afterwards Greenland on skis and in a kayak. He will afterwards cruise behind from a world’s largest island to Monaco in a PANGAEA.