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Milestone achieved: For a initial time ŠKODA produces 1 million vehicles in one year

This is a initial time in corporate story that ŠKODA has constructed some-more than one million vehicles in a calendar year. Today during a categorical plant in Mladá Boleslav, a festival car – a ŠKODA Fabia 1.2 TSI/81 kW in moon-white – rolled of a prolongation line. By achieving a miracle of prolongation one million vehicles in a singular year, a Czech carmaker reaffirms their general expansion strategy.

“For a initial time in a 119-year story of a company, ŠKODA has now crossed a sorcery threshold of one million vehicles constructed in a singular year,” says ŠKODA CEO Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “A miracle for a code that a whole group can be unapproachable of. We will not turn restored about this success. ŠKODA will continue to grow.”

The many extensive indication debate in ŠKODA’s story has shaped a basement for a expansion in prolongation and sales. Since 2010, a Czech manufacturer has comprehensively renewed their indication range, and stretched in pivotal areas, quite during a categorical ŠKODA plant in Mladá Boleslav – a heart of ŠKODA’s tellurian prolongation network. “The figure of one million vehicles constructed this year demonstrates a strength of a Czech and general prolongation sites and a ability of a all prolongation teams,” explains Michael Oeljeklaus, ŠKODA Board Member for Production and Logistics. “We devise to serve modernize and enhance ŠKODA’s prolongation over a entrance years.”

The miracle in prolongation achieved now once again emphasises a superb expansion of a Czech carmaker, generally over a final dual decades. Since a tumble of a Iron Curtain and fasten a Volkswagen Group in Apr 1991, ŠKODA has available a six-fold boost in sales. The fast resurgence of a mythological car code has indeed been considerable – from a company’s roots in a heart of Europe to an internationally successful manufacturer with now 7 indication array and over 40 indication variants. From producing usually one indication in 1991 – a Favorit – ŠKODA now offers a largest and many appealing product operation of all time.

An critical post of a expansion over new years has been a expansion of new markets over Europe. In a early ‘90s, a Czech code was still unilaterally focused on a domestic marketplace and a Central and Eastern European countries. Nowadays, ŠKODA sells their products in over 100 countries around a world. China has been a brand’s strongest particular marketplace given 2010. In a initial eleven months of this year alone, sales on a Chinese marketplace accounted for a entertain of ŠKODA’s total.

Against this background, ŠKODA is putting augmenting importance on internal prolongation in a world’s pivotal expansion markets in further to expanding capacities during home as partial of their general expansion strategy. In China, a Czechs work during a sites in Anting, Yizheng and Ningbo in partnership with Shanghai Volkswagen (SVW). To date, some-more than 1.3 million ŠKODA vehicles have been constructed during a SVW plants for a Chinese market. This year ŠKODA has doubled their Chinese product operation to 6 locally constructed models. In Russia, a prolongation of ŠKODA models takes place during Nizhniy Novgorod and Kaluga. In India, ŠKODA vehicles run off a prolongation lines in Pune and Aurangabad. ŠKODAs are also made in Slovakia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Milestones in ŠKODA AUTO production:

› 10 Dec 2014: ŠKODA manufactures a millionth car in 2014, achieving for a initial time one million vehicles constructed in a singular calendar year

› 19 Mar 2014: 11 million ŠKODA cars constructed during a Mladá Boleslav plant

› 26 Aug 2013: 4 million ŠKODA Octavias

› 9 Jul 2013: 1 million ŠKODA cars constructed in China given 2007

› 5 Feb 2013: 15 million ŠKODA cars constructed given 1905

› 30 Jan 2012: 14 million ŠKODA cars constructed given 1905

› 12 Oct 2011: 10 million ŠKODA cars constructed during a Mladá Boleslav plant

› 8 Apr 2009: 12 million ŠKODA cars constructed given 1905

› 13 Jul 2006: 10 million ŠKODA cars constructed given 1905

› 1991: 5 million ŠKODA cars constructed given 1905