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MINI during a Los Angeles Auto Show 2017.

Los Angeles. MINI’s coming during a Los Angeles
Auto Show 2017 will concentration on a farrago of a stream model
programme as good as a prophesy of destiny pushing fun, so customary of
a MINI brand.

The prominence of a uncover will be a US premiere of a MINI
Electric Concept. The British reward brand’s judgment automobile is the
prototype to emission-free mobility, MINI-style. The MINI-typical
go-kart feeling takes on a whole new turn interjection to a purely
electric drivetrain.

From 1 – 10 Dec 2017 MINI will also be presenting a entire
spectrum of models to visitors of a LA Auto show. The new, limited
Ice Blue Edition, that has been constructed generally for a US
market, will also be on display.

For 15 years now MINI has been consistently sparkling a flourishing fan
bottom with fit pushing fun, particular pattern and individual
style. During this time a code has not usually succeeded in further
strengthening a indication programme, though has also cowed new customer
aim groups. This growth will be reflected during a MINI mount at
a Los Angeles Convention Center.

The MINI Hardtop 2 door, a MINI Hardtop 4 doorway and a MINI
Convertible paint a apex of a reward tiny automobile segment.
The code has determined itself similarly in a reward compact
shred with a MINI Clubman and MINI Countryman.

MINI Electric Concept: Urban Driving Fun with zero-emissions.

MINI has once again selected a Los Angeles Auto Show to theatre its
prophesy of destiny mobility MINI-style with a US premiere of a MINI
Electric Concept.

In Nov 2008 a International Auto Show in California became
showcase for a universe premiere of a MINI E. For a initial time ever
a British reward automotive writer presented a purely
electrically-driven vehicle, formed on a prototype of a current
MINI Hardtop 2 door.                                                                        

The MINI E was creatively constructed as a tiny array of 600 electric
vehicles and was field-tested in real, bland pushing situations.
The BMW Group incorporated a believe drawn from this hearing into
a growth of a BMW i3 among other vehicles.

Electro-mobility MINI-style – to be gifted on a highway soon

The pattern and automobile judgment of a MINI Electric Concept
illustrate ideally how electric mobility in a civic environment
can heighten a particular charm, individuality and pushing experience
of a MINI. The MINI E’s absolute electric engine excites with quick
reactions during a hold of a accelerator. Its appetite is subsequent from
a lithium-ion battery. MINI-typical lively as good as limit range
is, therefore, ensured when pushing emission-free.

The MINI Electric Concept epitomizes a particular form of
electro-mobility that will shortly be gifted in each day driving.
The BMW Group has already announced a growth of a purely
electrically driven MINI array vehicle. The initial of these
large-scale constructed MINIs with battery-electric drivetrains will be
accessible from 2019 – accurately 60 years after a launch of a classical Mini.

This indication ensures electro-mobility is a MINI-typical knowledge of
pushing fun, character and individuality. The electric drivetrain will be
built during a BMW Group’s e-mobility centre during Plants Dingolfing and
Landshut in Bavaria before being integrated into a automobile during Plant
Oxford, that is a categorical prolongation plcae for a MINI 3 doorway model.

Forerunner for electric pushing fun: The MINI Cooper S E
Countryman ALL4.

The MINI Electric Concept will be presented corresponding with the
MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4. The British brand’s first
Plug-in-Hybrid indication is already paving a approach for pristine electric
pushing fun.

The MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 is an all-rounder with a
difference. With 5 seats, a inexhaustible foot and countless mod cons it
ensures on-brand pushing fun, possibly side of a city boundaries. Its
energy is subsequent from a explosion engine and an electric motor, which
total strech a complement opening of 221hp. In pristine electric mode
a MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 reaches a tip speed of 78mph,
ensuring a vast partial of a daily pushing can be finished glimmer free.

When an boost in opening is compulsory a explosion engine is
activated. The precisely directed communication of a energy to a front
wheels by a explosion engine, and to a back wheels through
a electric engine ensures an intelligent all-wheel drive. Superior
pushing fun in all continue conditions and on all highway surfaces is,
therefore, guaranteed.

MINI Countryman and MINI Clubman: Two particular characters in
a reward compress segment.

The Plug-in-Hybrid drivetrain renders a new MINI Countryman a
colonize in a area of tolerable mobility. Furthermore, two
additional engine variants of a largest and many versatile MINI
indication in a US American marketplace are available.

The MINI Cooper Countryman is powered by a 134 hp 3-cylinder engine.
The 4-cylinder engine of a MINI Cooper S Countryman enables a top
speed of 189 hp. Both models come as customary with a 6-speed manual
delivery and optionally with possibly a 6-speed automatic
delivery or 8-speed involuntary delivery (MINI Cooper S
Countryman only). Furthermore, both a MINI Cooper Countryman and
MINI Cooper S Countryman can be total with all-wheel expostulate ALL4.

With an matching drivetrain, a new MINI Clubman also ensures
singular pushing fun in a reward compress segment. Moreover, its
singular physique judgment ensures it stands out in this automobile category.
Four side doors and a dual Split Doors during a back benefaction a modern
interpretation of a classical Shooting Brake. Its bearing for
daily pushing use is underlined with 5 fully-fledged seats, a large
luggage cell and stretchable pattern of a building space.


MINI Hardtop 2 door, MINI Hardtop 4 doorway and MINI Convertible:
3 Originals in a reward tiny automobile Segment

The substructure for a success of a MINI code over a final 15
years in a USA has been laid interjection to a reward models in the
tiny automobile segment. The Original in this automobile shred distinguishes
itself by a high-quality engine, framework technology, premium
peculiarity and individuality. The hatchback physique bombard is represented as
always by a MINI Hardtop 2 door. It is accessible in a USA as a
MINI Cooper with 134hp and as a MINI Cooper S with 189 hp.

The latest singular book indication will pull visitors’ courtesy to the
MINI Hardtop 2 Door. At a Los Angeles Auto Show 2017 a limited
Ice Blue Edition, constructed generally for a USA will also be on display.

With MINI Ice Blue Edition, one of a many renouned and iconic MINI
physique colors earnings as an disdainful MINI Hardtop 2 Door. Available as
a Cooper with a white roof and counterpart caps, or as a Cooper S with the
sporty punch of Bright Orange side stripes and counterpart caps, it’s pure
classical cool, with essential complicated upgrades.

The element of crafty use of space, used ever given a classic
Mini, has been consistently grown with a MINI Hardtop 4 door. In
further to a dual additional doors, a functionality of a automobile is
increasing by a 161 mm longer physique and 3 back seats.

Similar to a MINI Hardtop 2 door, a MINI Hardtop 4 doorway is
accessible with dual engine variants. The contingent of tiny automobile Originals
are finished with a MINI Convertible. It combines brand-typical
pushing fun with disdainful open atmosphere pleasure and also in a current
generation, it is a usually reward automobile in a automobile category.
The alfresco 4-seater is also accessible with dual engine variants – as
MINI Cooper Convertible and as MINI Cooper S Convertible.


The John Cooper Works models: Four tip athletes for an
fascinating competition feeling

The latest era of John Cooper Works models offer a genuine
competition lane feeling for a road. Four tip athletes are currently
accessible and they have this in common: a drive-train, framework and
extraneous and interior modelling subsequent from an determined knowledge
of motorsport and tested on a race-track. The MINI John Cooper Works
offers limit opening in a reward tiny vehicle. The MINI John
Cooper Works Convertible ensures impassioned pushing fun in a open air.

Two well-developed athletes in a reward compress shred have also
lighted a passion for motorsport. The MINI John Cooper Works Clubman
and a MINI John Cooper Works Countryman mix their versatile
qualities with a quite sporty appearance, go-kart driving
qualities and considerable sound. Both models underline a all-wheel
expostulate ALL4 as standard.