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MINI prepared for Silk Way Rally 2017.

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Silk Way Rally 2017

06 Jul 2017


MINI prepared for Silk Way Rally 2017


  • Three MINI Family crews line adult for Silk Way Rally 2017
  • Silk Way Rally 2017 to cover dual continents and 9559 km over
    14 days.
  • Yazeed Al Rajhi (KSA) and Bryce Menzies (USA) to foe the
    new MINI John Cooper Works Rally.


Munich. Silk Way Rally 2017 is go. Three MINI Family crews
line adult for a start of a 9559 km convene that crosses two
continents and 3 countries. Starting date for Silk Way Rally
2017 – a second longest marathon cross-country convene of a year
after a famous Dakar Rally – is 7th Jul 2017, with the
opening rite once again in Russia’s chronological Red Square in
Moscow, The lectern eventuality takes place 22nd July, after 14
days of fantastic racing and only one rest day (16th
July), in

Xi’an, collateral of Shaanxi Province in executive China.


Of a 9559 kilometre route, 42.6% km is designated as Special Stage,
where speed, pushing skill, navigation and a cold conduct are compulsory by
a two-man crews. Let us not forget stamina, too – a prior Silk
Way Rally (sixth edition) placed competitors in some of a most
scenic landscapes, though that are also some of a remotest and
formidable regions to traverse.


Taking a MINI rival suggestion to Silk Way Rally 2017 are three
MINI Family crews; dual from X-raid Team and a highwayman organisation underneath the
ensign of G-Energy Team. All 3 crews are gifted and respected
combatants in a universe of cross-country rally, convene raid and Baja.


Yazeed Al Rajhi (KSA) is no foreigner to Silk Way Rally. Together with
unchanging co-driver Timo Gottschalk (GER), a span done a significant
symbol when they raced with MINI during final year’s event. The twin completed
this burdensome foe in second position, holding dual theatre wins along
a way.


Al Rajhi earnings to Moscow for this year’s start of Silk Way Rally
with a new MINI John Cooper Works Rally though though Gottschalk by
his side. The German co-driver is recuperating from injury, of that the
MINI Family, competitors and fans of this implausible foe wish him a
rapid recovery.


Joining Al Rajhi in a X-raid Team MINI John Cooper Works Rally
appurtenance (#101) for Silk Way Rally 2017 is nonetheless another gifted MINI
Family member, Tom Colsoul (BEL). Colsoul is currently experiencing
good happening within a 2017 FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup with
unchanging motorist Jakub Przygonski (POL) underneath a ensign of Orlen Team,
where they currently lay second in a altogether standings.


Al Rajhi: “This is a second appearance in Silk
Way Rally. The initial one in 2016 was a particular and unique
experience, where we managed to secure a second position overall.
This convene consists of different forms of stages; any one is more
engaging than a other, with turf that varies between dunes and
gravel. The legs are tough and unequivocally long, one of a stages measured
908km, all of that gives a Silk Way Rally a special trait.


“I design a foe will be fiercer than final year, though we are
good prepared – crew, use team, a automobile – and prepared to go to the
podium. Our automobile is prepared to journey in a Silk Way desert; a MINI
John Cooper Works Rally is a clever automobile that we can count on in
tough situations, we wish all will go good compartment a end.”


A second MINI John Cooper Works Rally (#105) of X-raid Team will
commence Silk Way Rally. This automobile will underline Silk Way Rally
newcomers Bryce Menzies with co-driver associate American Peter Mortensen
as partial of a growth programme towards a 2018 Dakar Rally.
Both are prickly to be reacquainted with a MINI Family and spectacle
and rival / technical inlet of long-distance convene outward of
a U.S.A..


Following an hapless withdrawal from a start of this year’s
Dakar Rally due to injury, Menzies has been training tough for his
lapse to long-distance convene competition. Together, Bryce and
navigation dilettante Mortensen are a force to be reckoned with. This
was clearly demonstrated in 2016 when Menzies placed rarely in his
initial believe with MINI, including name rounds of a FIA Cross
Country Rally World Cup.


Menzies: “I’m unequivocally looking brazen to participating
in this year’s Silk Way Rally. There is no improved foe to get prepared
for Dakar so I’m holding this foe unequivocally seriously. Pete and we have been
practicing a navigation as that’ll be unequivocally critical in a latter
stages of a convene when we get into a dunes and we are looking
brazen to saying how we do. Aside from a race, I’m vehement about
this journey where, one day, we can tell my kids how we raced a MINI
from Russia to China!”


Long-term MINI Family members Vladimir Vasilyev (RUS) and Konstantin
Zhiltsov (RUS) are anticipating their immeasurable believe along with terrain
believe of a opening stages of Silk Way Rally will support their
MINI lectern challenge.


Silk Way Rally 2016 saw a ever rival Russian twin take their
G-Energy Team MINI ALL4 Racing to third altogether by unchanging top
3 theatre placings. This year’s start for a Russian twin mirrors
final year’s with a difference of their G-Energy Team’s iconic
four-wheel expostulate difficulty MINI ALL4 Racing wearing a foe series #102.


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Silk Way Rally 2017: MINI Family line up