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Mission Tokyo 2020: Alessandro Zanardi takes to a Fuji lane with his handcycle.

Fuji International Speedway. The ‘SUPER GT x DTM Dream Race’
eventuality has begun with a initial exam sessions being hold during a ‘Fuji
International Speedway’ (JPN). Before holding to a lane in his #4
ZF BMW M4 DTM, Alessandro Zanardi (ITA) had already finished some
laps around a circuit with his handcycle. ‘Fuji International
Speedway’ will be a venue for a para-cycling competitions of the
2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games (JPN). Zanardi has a good possibility of
subordinate for a games.

At a 2012 games in London (GBR) and 2016 in Rio de
Janeiro (BRA), Zanardi won a sum of 4 Paralympic bullion medals and
he is 12-time para-cycling universe champion. Participation in a Tokyo
games is his large aim for 2020. Before a Dream Race eventuality started,
Zanardi had a eventuality to knowledge a circuit with his
handcycle and accumulate initial information of what to design during a possible
start during a ‘Fuji International Speedway’.
“Now we have a
unequivocally good thought of what we have to ready for,” pronounced Zanardi. “I’ll
move home critical information that will assistance me to ready both
technically speaking, since we am formulation to rise a new bicycle,
and also physically speaking. Each lane has a possess mandate and
we can adjust your training procession to a opposite courses we are
going to competition on. It is going to be a unequivocally engaging event. The
lane is pleasing though unequivocally hard. You never have a prosaic section, you
are always possibly climbing or forward and we consider it will also take
some ability as distant as coming a turns since there are many
areas where we have to stop tough and to drive in in a right moment
with a right line. So we wish that my pushing ability will assistance me a
bit in those sections though there is a lot of work to do since this
unfolding is utterly opposite to a ones on that we have competed up
to this point. It is sparkling and we am unequivocally beholden to BMW for
charity me this opportunity, for certain especially for a smashing BMW M4
DTM we am going to be pushing over a weekend, though also for this
Now, Zanardi is entirely focused on his appearance
in a ZF BMW M4 DTM. On Friday, a giveaway use sessions for the
Dream Race will be held, while for any Saturday and Sunday, one
subordinate and one competition are scheduled. Zanardi forms a BMW M
Motorsport ‘Dream Team’ with Marco Wittmann (GER) and Kamui Kobayashi (JPN).