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Modification work: Preparations underway during Audi Böllinger Höfe for a Audi e-tron GT

Through tumble 2019, dual new lightweight construction halls will yield around another 10,000 block meters (107,639.1 sq ft) for logistics in a Böllinger Höfe. The new halls on a west side will distortion directly adjacent to a existent public and physique emporium facilities. “Since a Böllinger Höfe was already combined in a pattern proviso as a small-series prolongation trickery with innovative and stretchable prolongation processes, that gives us a ideal conditions to furnish a e-tron GT alongside a Audi R8,” says Production Manager Wolfgang Schanz. “Here a singular multiple of craftsmanship and intelligent bureau is entrance to life.”

The Audi e-tron GT and a Audi R8 will be constructed alone in a physique shop. While a physique emporium for a R8 stands out with a mostly domestic finish, a separate, rarely programmed physique emporium trickery is being combined for a e-tron GT. A finish passageway turn with circuit complement now occupies some 4,000 block meters (43,055.6 sq ft). The public line is being extended by 20 cycles, creation 36 in total, for a corner prolongation of a R8 and e-tron GT. As partial of this upgrade, new circuit systems are being integrated, given public in destiny will no longer rest only on driverless ride vehicles (DTV), though will also embody an electrified monorail complement (EMS).

In future, a groundwork in a Böllinger Höfe will also be used for production, with embellished bodies of a R8 and e-tron GT stored here temporarily. As partial of this development, a existent areas have been extended by 800 block meters (8,611.1 sq ft). From this area, driverless ride vehicles autonomously move a R8 and e-tron GT bodies regulating an conveyor from a groundwork true to a public line on a belligerent floor.

In credentials for a modifications, partial of a R8 physique emporium has been changed to a prolongation gymnasium in a Böckingen district of Heilbronn during a finish of final year to make room for a physique emporium apparatus for a e-tron GT. Since January, around 40 of a 150 employees have been production a basis components for a R8 supercar during this new location.