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More stoical than ever – a new Audi A8

The A8 creates Audi among a creation leaders in a worldwide oppulance segment, a many perfectionist car category. One good strength of a vast sedan is a low weight. The Audi A8 3.0 TFSI with a normal wheelbase has a quell weight of usually 1,830 kilograms (4,034.46 lb) – best-in-class for models with all-wheel drive.

The pivotal cause in a lightweight construction is a body, that solely for a B-pillars is done wholly of aluminum. An Audi Space Frame (ASF) design, it tips a beam during usually 231 kilograms (509.27 lb), roughly 40 percent reduction than a allied steel construction. The ASF physique also creates it probable to revoke weight in many other areas, from a brakes to a fuel tank.

Length (5.14 meters [16.86 ft]), wheelbase (2.99 meters [9.81 ft]), breadth (1.95 meters [6.40 ft]) and tallness (1.46 meters [4.79 ft]) sojourn unchanged, giving a Audi A8 a sportiest demeanour in a segment. The A8 L gains an additional 13 centimeters (5.12 in) in both length and wheelbase. Equipped with a TDI engine, both physique variants have a drag fellow of usually 0.26. This same figure with a TFSI engine is 0.27.

In updating a A8, Audi paid good courtesy to a acoustics. Additional sound damping measures revoke a already low interior sound spin even further. The case now has a extent of 520 liters (18.36 cubic feet) and can be commissioned almost improved interjection to a altered layout. The discretionary energy case shutting support means that a whole automobile can be sealed during a hold of a button.

Dynamic, nonetheless harmoniously superb – a vast sedan’s pattern has spin even some-more expressive. The engine hood, a single-frame grille and a front fender are even some-more sculptured and precise; a revoke corner of a headlights is straight. In a German market, LED headlights are customary in all models with a V8 engine.

Audi also offers a headlights with discretionary Matrix LED technology, that sets new benchmarks with honour to pattern and technology. With these headlights, a high-beam territory is done adult of 25 particular segments. The tiny light-emitting diodes, that work in and with lenses and reflectors connected in series, are activated and deactivated or dimmed away according to a situation. This enables a complement to conflict precisely to other cars, that it recognizes regulating a camera, and always irradiate a highway brightly. Additional facilities of a new headlights are a intelligent cornering light, new-look daytime regulating lights and energetic spin signals.

The LED lights during a behind of a new Audi A8 have also spin agree and are assimilated together by a continual chrome strip. In all models solely a S8, a redesigned fender houses twin rhomboid tailpipes. Chrome strips in a revoke territory of a body, excellent inserts in a doorway handles and high-gloss black window frames turn out a particular features. There is a choice of 12 extraneous colors, including 5 new ones. Wheels are accessible in sizes adult to 21 inches with 275/35-series tires.

The engines: some-more energy with incomparable efficiency
Besides a S8, A8 L W12 quattro and A8 hybrid models, a new Audi A8 will be charity in a German marketplace with twin TFSI gasoline engines and twin TDI units. A package of measures to revoke attrition revoke fuel expenditure by as many as 10 percent, and many engines have also seen an boost in power. All engines already prove a mandate of a Euro 6 standard.

Under a hood of a A8 3.0 TFSI quattro is a V6 engine whose involuntary compressor can be deactivated. Power outlay is now 228 kW (310 hp), an boost of 15 kW (20 hp). The V6 accelerates a customary wheelbase chronicle of a sedan from 0 to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 5.7 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h (155.34 mph). It consumes on normal 7.8 liters per 100 kilometers (30.16 US mpg), analogous to 183 grams CO2 per kilometer (294.51 g/mile).

The twin-turbo V8 in a A8 4.0 TFSI quattro now produces 320 kW (435 hp), 11 kW (15 hp) some-more than before. Key opening data: from 0 to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 4.5 seconds; normal fuel expenditure 9.1 liters per 100 kilometers (25.85 US mpg), analogous to 213 grams CO2 per kilometer (342.79 g/mile). The Audi cylinder on direct (COD) complement plays a vital purpose in this potency by deactivating 4 of a 8 cylinders underneath partial load.

With normal fuel expenditure of 5.9 liters per 100 kilometers (39.87 US mpg), analogous to 155 grams CO2 per kilometer (249.45 g/mile), a 3.0 TDI purify diesel set a new record in a all-wheel-drive oppulance segment. The V6 diesel engine’s outlay has been bumped adult 6 kW (8 hp) to 190 kW (258 hp). It now accelerates a sedan from 0 to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 5.9 seconds.

When it comes to torque, a 4.2 TDI purify diesel tops a A8 lineup, delivering 850 Nm (626.93 lb-ft) to a crankshaft. Audi has increased a outlay by a whopping 25 kW (34 hp) to 283 kW (385 hp). Equipped with a absolute V8 diesel, a A8 completes a customary scurry in 4.7 seconds, and normal fuel expenditure is 7.4 liters per 100 kilometers (31.79 US mpg), that corresponds to 194 grams CO2 per kilometer (312.21 g/mile).

Powertrain: tiptronic and quattro
All variants of a indication array are versed with a quick and smooth-shifting, eight-speed tiptronic. The transmission, that can be tranquil electronically regulating an superb selector push as good as paddles on a steering wheel, works in and with a quattro permanent all-wheel expostulate system. The latter is customary in a A8 array (except for a A8 hybrid). If desired, Audi will mix quattro all-wheel expostulate with a discretionary competition differential on a behind axle. The energy can afterwards be distributed between a behind wheels as indispensable for even some-more flexible handling. The competition differential is customary in a S8 and a A8 4.2 TDI purify diesel quattro.

The Audi A8 owes a sporty impression in vast partial to a worldly chassis. Axle bucket placement is balanced, and all circle control arms are aluminum. The Audi expostulate name system, that enables a motorist to change a duty of several technical modules such as a steering and a accelerator characteristic, is standard. It also controls a adaptive atmosphere cessation with adaptive damping, that adjusts a body’s float tallness to a speed driven. Audi also offers a atmosphere cessation with a sporty setup on request.

The energy steering now uses an fit electromechanical expostulate that reduces fuel expenditure and also enables a use of countless assistance systems. The discretionary energetic steering varies a ratio with a car’s speed. All stop discs are internally vented. Carbon fiber ceramic stop discs are accessible for V8 models, a S8 and a A8 L W12.

One new member of Audi’s lightweight construction record are a
9J x 20 aluminum-technology wheels. These are formed on fake support wheels that are assimilated around a special routine to a ten-spoke pattern component of high-strength polymer. This record gives designers a leisure to use large-area, nonetheless three-dimensional designs.

Elegant and airy: a interior
The interior of a Audi flagship enchants with a elegant, ethereal lines. The instrument row is gaunt and low, and next a windshield is a prolonged arc – a wrap-around. Space is inexhaustible in any seat. The extended operation of options for a front seats includes movement and massage functions with 5 programs and intensities each.

Audi offers electrically adjustable, particular behind seats as an choice for a A8 and a A8 L. The A8 L is also accessible with a continuous, leather-covered core console. Equipped with any accessible oppulance feature, a decrease chair with electrically tractable footrest is a first-class resolution here.

Among a countless particular options accessible for a A8 family are four-zone excellent involuntary atmosphere conditioning, a scenery potion roof, preference pivotal with energy doorway shutting assist, remoteness windows, a cooler, folding tables and an ionizer to urge atmosphere quality.

Audi peculiarity knows no compromise. All of a materials in a new A8 have been delicately selected and precisely worked. Lovingly executed sum request a hand-built character, from a hardly manifest gaps in a two-piece inlays to a ambient lighting with a tractable LED light to a chair covers in reward grades of leather. The best of these is a new Unicum leather in nutmeg brown, that is quite natural-looking, soothing and breathable.

A new operation of choices for chair coverings, inlays and interior colors is accessible in many areas. New additions embody a woods Fine pellet poplar brown-silver and Fine pellet charcoal healthy gold-brown, whose excellent pores are filled with tiny amounts of china and gold, respectively. Audi pattern preference offers business an cultured pre-selection of disdainful materials and colors for a interior, including sycamore gray, marble gray and vermont brownish-red for a S8. The Audi disdainful operation offers an even incomparable grade of individualization for quite perceptive customers.

As is customary for Audi, a brand’s flagship facilities exemplarily transparent controls notwithstanding a contentment of functions. The motorist information complement with tone seven-inch arrangement and a eight-inch MMI guard are standard. If a discretionary MMI navigation and is installed, a control component on a core hovel console includes a touchpad. The MMI touchpad enables a motorist to control countless functions; for example, a navigation end can be entered by tracing a letters on a pad.

Audi bond including automobile phone is accessible as an ideal prolongation of MMI navigation plus. It connects a new A8 to a Internet around an integrated UMTS module. Thanks to a WLAN hotspot, passengers can roller and e-mail openly with their mobile devices. For a driver, a complement delivers a tailored online services from Audi bond to a car, including online trade information with real-time information and navigation with Google Earth and Google Street View.

In a area of multimedia, a Bang Olufsen Advanced Sound System that sends over 1,400 watts of energy to 19 speakers provides for good sound. The behind chair party complement for a passengers in a behind includes twin vast displays, Bluetooth headphones and a DVD player, among other things.

The MMI navigation complement is closely networked with additional systems on house a Audi A8, including a discretionary adaptive journey control with stopgo function. The radar-based journey control itself is related with an stretched chronicle of a customary Audi pre clarity simple reserve system, as is another discretionary system, Audi side assist. The camera-based speed extent arrangement is also available.

New assistance systems
New assistance systems are creation their debuts in a new A8, including Audi active line assist, that creates slight steering adjustments when necessary, and a park support complement with 360° display, that handles steering when parking. Also new is a head-up display, that is elegantly integrated into a instrument row and projects critical information into a driver’s margin of prophesy on a windshield. The night prophesy partner detects not usually pedestrians, though also incomparable animals and warns a motorist about them.

The new Audi A8 is scheduled to arrive during German dealerships in November. Despite a some-more inexhaustible list of apparatus and some-more absolute engines, prices are augmenting usually slightly. The new Audi indication will be accessible in Germany starting during 74,500 euros.

Audi A8 L W12 quattro (preliminary data)
The Audi A8 L W12 quattro is versed with a absolute gasoline engine that is quite brief and lightweight interjection to a W layout. The routinely aspirated, 6.3-liter engine produces 368 kW (500 hp), nonetheless is really smooth-running. The scurry from 0 to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) takes usually 4.7 seconds. Average fuel expenditure is a assuage 11.7 liters per 100 kilometers (20.10 US mpg), that corresponds to 270 grams CO2 per kilometer (434.52 g/mile) and is so a benchmark for twelve-cylinder sedans. A newly grown COD complement is active during low load. It temporarily deactivates a fuel injection and ignition for 6 of a twelve cylinders.

As a tip indication in a series, a Audi A8 L W12 quattro is accessible exclusively with a prolonged wheelbase. Its lush facilities embody MMI navigation and with MMI touch, Audi bond including automobile phone, LED headlights, energy doorway shutting assist, preference key, four-zone involuntary atmosphere conditioning, particular behind seats and noise-insulating glazing. An innovative absorber froth in a tires reduces rolling noise.
For a initial time Audi is also charity Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) in a W12 so that a tip indication retains a still restraint even when a Audi cylinder on direct complement is handling in fit six-cylinder mode.

The A8 Audi disdainful judgment is dictated for business looking for something really special. The limited-edition package (50 cars) is accessible for a A8 L W12 quattro. Leather from Italian seat manufacturer Poltrona Frau in a tone Agatha cognac dominates a interior. The inlays are done of excellent pellet olive charcoal healthy china brown. Its gray-brown shade harmonizes with a slab gray piping on a seats. Audi recommends a tone Tierra Del Fuego for a extraneous finish.

Audi S8
With 382 kW (520 hp) – a S8 is Audi’s vast sports sedan. Its 4.0 TFSI interconnected with quattro all-wheel expostulate accelerates a automobile from 0 to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 4.1 seconds, nonetheless consumes on normal usually 9.6 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (24.50 US mpg), analogous to 225 grams CO2 per kilometer (362.10 g/mile). The COD record that severely improves a potency of a sonorous, twin-turbo V8 underneath partial bucket is mostly obliged for this tip value. In four-cylinder mode, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) uses accurate antiphase sound to discharge forward sound in a interior, while active engine mounts moderate vibrations. The A8 4.0 TFSI quattro, a A8 L W12 quattro and a A8 hybrid also have a ANC complement on board.

The Audi S8 is a usually member of a A8 family whose empty complement ends in twin elliptical twin tailpipes. Dynamic steering, a quattro powertrain with competition differential and a adaptive atmosphere cessation competition with an S-specific setup are standard. The wheels are 20 inches in diameter, and a stop calipers on a front spindle bear S8 emblems.

The Audi A8 can be renowned visually by means of several particular pattern modifications The Audi pattern preference black/vermont brownish-red with Carbon twill copper inlays is accessible for a interior.

The Audi A8 hybrid (preliminary data)
The 2.0 TFSI engine in a Audi A8 hybrid produces 155 kW (211 hp), and a electric engine produces 40 kW and 210 Nm (154.89 lb-ft) of torque. Average fuel expenditure is 6.3 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (147 grams CO2 per kilometer) [37.34 US mpg/236.57 g/mile]. Coupled together, a twin expostulate systems broach their energy to a front wheels around a rarely mutated eight-speed tiptronic. With a electric engine ancillary a four-cylinder territory as an electric booster, complement outlay is 180 kW (245 hp) and complement torque 480 Nm (354.03 lb-ft).

Energy storage is supposing in a form of a lithium-ion battery with a favoured ability of 1.3 kWh mounted in a behind of a vehicle. The hybrid sedan can expostulate during adult to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) on electric power. The primary visible evidence identifying a A8 hybrid, that Audi also offers as a prolonged wheelbase version, are a turbine-design wheels. Specific displays surprise a motorist about a duty of a hybrid drive. The A8 hybrid comes customary with a tradition Audi luggage set for a trunk, that has a luggage ability of 335 liters (12.54 cubic ft).

The equipment, information and prices specified in this request impute to a indication operation charity in Germany. Subject to change but notice; errors and omissions excepted.