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More energy for a engine in a new BMW M4 DTM: Facts on a 500-hp and BMW P66/1.

Munich. Powerful and reliable: these dual terms ideally sum
adult a final placed on a V8 engines in a DTM. The 6 BMW
drivers have only one engine any for a whole season. With this
in mind, a engineers and mechanics during BMW Motorsport gave top
priority to comprehensive pointing during a prolongation phase. Here is
a lowdown on a BMW DTM engine, a BMW P66/1.


In 2017, DTM regulations concede a incomparable hole – 2 x 29 millimetres
– for a atmosphere restrictors, by that a engine draws its
explosion air. This formula in an boost in engine energy to
over 500 hp.


The engine aspirates 260 litres per second – that is
2,000 times as most as a tellurian breathes.


The pistons in a BMW P66/1 accelerate 600 times
than a lunar rocket.


The pistons in a engine cover a total stretch that is the
homogeneous of travelling from Munich to Sydney over
a march of a season.


In one season, 1.3 million ignition sparks are
generated in one engine.


The H2O siphon shifts about 19,000 litres per hour.
At this rate, it would take only 20 seconds to fill a bath.


All a energy generated by a engine is eliminated to the
powertrain and back wheels by screws weighing only 130 grams.


The oil is pumped by a engine roughly 10,000
in one season.


Over a march of a season, adequate feverishness for 60 sauna
is private around a oil.


920 technical drawings were combined for a engine.
Placed subsequent to any other, this is adequate to cover some-more than a full
tennis court.