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More space for visions: The FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt.

Munich. What will a city of a destiny demeanour like?
How will we live there and pierce around? Questions like these and many
others will be discussed during a FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt. Starting on
18 Oct 2019, it will turn a permanent assembly place and dialogue
height for those meddlesome and a doers of tomorrow. Inside the
wholly newly determined Future Forum, visitors to a BMW Welt will
benefit an discernment into ideas, concepts and technologies that will define
civic life of a future. With a assist of protracted existence elements,
a BMW Group will be presenting, among other things, a prophesy of
a mobility of tomorrow. However, a suspicion of a FUTURE FORUM by BMW
Welt thrives above all on discourse and mutual moulding of a future.
In offer to a permanent exhibition, sparkling live formats are
designed in that experts and visionaries from several different
sectors and disciplines take visitors on a fascinating tour into
a city of tomorrow.


Gaining an discernment into a destiny and changing perspectives.

The destiny is already being made today. Many scientist, developers
and business enterprises already have an suspicion how destiny mobility and
infrastructure concepts could demeanour and are operative on their
implementation. The ideas and concepts being shown during a opening
of a FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt yield an opinion on a future, but
not totally finalised since they change with time. They are
constantly offer grown and supplemented. At BMW Welt, visitors
to a FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt can now attend in different and
fascinating visions for moulding bland life, a workplace,
communication and mobility in tomorrow’s cities.


With a unconventional design and some-more than 3 million visitors
any year, BMW Welt offers right now a ideal height for
experiencing and moulding a destiny together. “With a FUTURE FORUM
by BMW Welt, we as pioneers on a approach to a destiny of mobility wish
to actively attend in a discourse about tolerable solutions
for a vehicle and beyond. To this end, a Forum will immediately
offer as a permanent height to pull a petrify design of future
developments together with experts and visionaries,” says Jens
Thiemer, Senior Vice President Customer Brand BMW. The FUTURE
FORUM by BMW Welt takes visitors on a practical tour into a city of
a future, thereby charity impulse for thought.  The challenges
we are faced with, though above all a solutions for moulding a “city
of a future” are examined some-more closely and discussed.  


Experts entice visitors to join in moving talks and row discussions.

Apart from a caller experience, a FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt
offers all developers and visionaries a space for contention as well
as a height for an moving sell of ideas with any other and
with a public. Exciting keynotes and row discussions on future
issues going over a theme of mobility offer new perspectives and
foster a sell of information while enriching a exhibition
format. Moreover, a BMW Group invites all “future shapers” to create
their possess eventuality formats within a horizon of a FUTURE FORUM by
BMW Welt in sequence to benefaction their visions and concepts to a wide
public. The Future Forum by BMW Welt is meant to enthuse and actively
foster a discourse on all issues traffic with a destiny loyal to the
motto: Explore a future. Get inspired. Join a conversation.


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Starting date: 18 Oct 2019

Venue:             BMW Welt

Admission:      free