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More than only a drivetrain: other in-house developments on a BMW iFE.18.

Munich. The BMW iFE.18, with that a BMW i Andretti
Motorsport group won a opening turn of this season’s ABB FIA
Formula E Championship, consists of many facilities developed
internally during BMW, as good as a customary tools stipulated in the
regulations. The many apparent of these is a Racing eDrive01
drivetrain. However, a engineers during BMW i Motorsport had many
other areas, in that to request their know-how. An overview of BMW’s
in-house developments for a BMW iFE.18:


Rear-end structure and behind suspension.

As good as a drivetrain, a rear-end and a behind cessation are
a dual areas where a BMW i Motorsport engineers had a greatest
space for their possess developments. While a chassis, battery and
tyres are customary Formula E parts, in sequence to keep a lid on costs,
a engineers during BMW i Motorsport designed a behind axle, including
cessation and startle absorbers, themselves and integrated the
drivetrain in a behind partial of a car. As any drivetrain has a own
particular properties, any group is obliged for integrating the
drivetrain into a rear-end structure of a cars and anticipating a
cooling set-up that suits these properties.


The group can configure customary set-up parameters on a framework of
a BMW iFE.18, such as open rates, anti-roll bars, float height, toe
and camber. The framework set-up plays an critical purpose in achieving
limit automatic hold on a tarmac surfaces of a travel circuits,
some of that are really disproportionate compared to permanent racetracks. It is
also critical that both a framework and a rear-end structure are
strong adequate to cope with pushing over assertive kerbs and light
hit with a barriers on a travel circuits used in Formula E.


The supposed Generative Design routine was used when developing
several components. This done it probable to directly get the
pattern of a components from a bucket cases, with a assistance of
computers, to incorporate a knowledge and imagination of a BMW i
Motorsport engineers, and afterwards to furnish a components from
aluminium regulating a 3D copy procedure. In a box of other
components, this multiple of imagination and record has done it
probable to really well confederate several functions, such as in
a cooling circuits, in really few parts.


The many years of knowledge hexed by BMW i Motorsport engineers
in a growth and prolongation of fibre-reinforced plastics really
came into a possess in a pattern of a rear-end structure. The
structure is not usually really light, though a far-reaching operation of functions have
also been integrated directly into a structure. The pile-up load
mandate of a sporting authorities were also met in full and
but any problems during a initial attempt.


The subject of sustainability also plays a vital purpose in the
growth of a BMW iFE.18. BMW i Motorsport engineers are working
really closely with their colleagues in prolongation to increasingly
confederate renewable resources in suitable components.


Brake-by-wire system.

Another vital in-house BMW growth is a electronic,
brake-by-wire braking system. The introduction of this system
represents a large technological step for Formula E and, in this regard,
takes it to a same turn as Formula 1 and a LMP1 difficulty in the
FIA World Endurance Championship. As of Season 5, brake-by-wire
controls a attribute between automatic braking force, when the
motorist pushes a stop pedal, and a braking outcome generated by
appetite harvested during deceleration and braking. When a motor
recovers appetite from a braking routine during a race, it basically
functions as an additional stop on a behind spindle of a car.
Previously, drivers had to manually adjust a stop change to
change a additional braking effect. The wiring on a BMW
iFE.18 now perform this balance.


The formation of a brake-by-wire complement and, above all, the
program proof grown by a BMW i Motorsport engineers,
significantly increases a metamorphosis intensity – a maximum
volume of appetite that can be fed behind into a battery when braking.
Finding a best probable pattern of this program is essential to
be means to competition a whole competition stretch with limit appetite from
a battery, while complying with a volume of appetite available by
a regulations. In practice, overcoming this plea requires the
engineers to grasp a best probable attribute between speed and
appetite management. Their charge is to calculate a competition time optimisation
with a singular volume of energy. It is critical to keep steer of
all a competition movement – to review a information and to expect what might be
entrance – to afterwards decide, together with a driver, in that phases of
a competition it is improved to save appetite and when to attack, to make up
positions or open a opening to a cars behind.


An overview of customary tools and in-house BMW developments on
a BMW iFE.18:


Standard parts:

  • Chassis (Spark Racing Technology)
  • Battery (McLaren)
  • Tyres (Michelin)


BMW developments:

  • Racing eDrive01 drivetrain
  • Gearbox, differential and expostulate shafts
  • Drivetrain cooling
  • Rear-end structure
  • Rear suspension
  • Springs, startle absorbers und anti-roll bars
  • 12V electrics / electronics
  • Brake-by-wire system
  • Software (on-car / off-car)
  • Oil growth (together with Shell)


Note to editors:

You can find a minute outline of a drivetrain on a BMW
iFE.18 in a BMW Group Pressclub: