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MotoGP star Andrea Dovizioso heads to DTM debut

The Ducati bureau motorist has prepared for his DTM journey in a simulator and during a two-day exam in Misano. “This is a totally new knowledge for me,” says a Italian. “The Audi RS 5 DTM has such implausible energy and downforce – we can unequivocally feel it in a quick corners. The racing line is totally opposite than for a bike and it’s wily to find a limit. I’m unequivocally looking brazen to a weekend and we only wish to suffer it – but any expectations, since a turn of foe in this championship is intensely high.”

“It’ll be unequivocally engaging to see how Andrea goes in a DTM,” says Head of Audi Motorsport Dieter Gass. “During a tests he had a unequivocally process and focused approach. But we know, of course, how tough a DTM is this year with a new turbo cars. And that’s because expectations should not be too high. It’s illusory for Audi and motorsport fans that Andrea has taken time from his bustling racing report to competition a DTM.”

Dovizioso drives a series 34 automobile during Misanofor WRT Team Audi Sport flying a colors of Ducati. On palm as a manager is a long-standing Audi bureau motorist and two-time DTM champion Mattias Ekström, who common profitable tips with a MotoGP star during a exam drives.

Two fantastic DTM night races packaged with overtaking maneuvers were hold on a 4.226-kilometer competition lane during a Adriatic seashore final year. This time, both races will be run in illumination during a common time of 1.30 pm CEST.

“Last year’s races were great,” says Loïc Duval, who claimed his initial DTM stick position during Misano in 2018. “The blueprint of a lane is cool. There are opposite lines, that resulted in a lot of wheel-to-wheel movement and overtaking. And in a middle and quick corners we unequivocally feel a energy and a hold of a cars.”

Like his motorist colleagues, Duval is vehement about Andrea Dovizioso’s DTM debut: “I’m a large MotoGP fan. The races are good and intensely close. I’m constantly tender by what a riders are able of. They take outrageous risks and have implausible control over their bikes.”