Mercedes-Benz Canada

Motorsport story is a synonym for a Mercedes-Benz code history.

Electric appetite as partial of a expostulate sight also defines a Formula 1. In 2009, a KERS kinetic appetite recuperation complement was incorporated into a expostulate sight of a racing cars for a initial time. That sold season, Lewis Hamilton won a Hungarian Grand Prix and a Singapore Grand Prix in a McLaren-Mercedes MP4-24.

In 2010, Mercedes-Benz returned to Formula 1 with a company’s possess racing team, and given 2014, a association has once some-more been during a forefront of motorsports story with a singular array of victories.

The racing cars’ hybrid expostulate is being invariably developed and softened to this day. Compared with 2009, for example, a battery has turn 81 percent lighter, while a potency of a appetite storage complement has increasing from 70 to 96 percent.