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Motorsport fable Alessandro Zanardi holding opposite tracks: BMW works motorist describes his knowledge on house of ORACLE TEAM USA’s America’s Cup yacht “17” as “breath-taking”.

Hamilton (Bermuda). With preparations for a 35th
America’s Cup in full swing, ORACLE TEAM USA and skipper Jimmy
Spithill perceived a revisit from a large name from a universe of
motorsport: BMW works motorist Alessandro Zanardi visited a team
bottom in Bermuda. The Italian gifted a “flight over water” of
a OTUSA “AC-50” high-tech yacht “17” as it finished a high-speed
training event off a seashore of Bermuda.


“Whilst we might impute to this yacht as a ‘boat’, we see it some-more as a
craft – this yacht can unequivocally fly. The day on this competition yacht was a
illusory experience, and we am really beholden to Jimmy and his organisation for
usurpation me into their ranks,” pronounced Zanardi. “That was one of the
many breath-taking practice of my life, and we have experienced
utterly a lot. we would like to appreciate BMW for this singular opportunity! To
spend a day as a member of ORACLE TEAM USA was something really special
for me. Jimmy Spithill is a loyal fable and we have always been a big
fan of what these sailing teams are doing. It final limit physical
bid from each singular organisation member – as complete as an contestant at
a Olympic Games. we am really impressed. You can feel a same
loyalty and courtesy to even a excellent sum as in motorsport.”

“It was good fun carrying Alex on house as a organisation member today. His
greeting was usually pristine delight. He desired it,” pronounced skipper Jimmy
Spithill. “Although we contest in opposite sports, we still have a
lot in common. Technology, creation and pointing – they are a key
in motorsport and rival sailing. It was really engaging to chat
to him about a similarities between a sports. Alex is a true
impulse to any athlete. What we admire many about him is what he
achieved after his crash. It did not meant a finish of his career, but
instead took it to a new level. Not usually did he continue as a racing
motorist after a crash, though he also became a Paralympic champion. I
don’t consider anybody else has achieved that. He is vital explanation that
we can grasp anything if we have a determination, enthusiasm
and, above all, passion. That is precisely a proceed to the
America’s Cup.”

The innovative steering circle on a ORACLE TEAM USA catamaran, “17”,
was grown by engineers during BMW Motorsport who also pattern the
steering wheels for Zanardi’s BMW racing cars. The Italian had both
legs amputated following a critical pile-up during a competition in 2001. His
BMW competition cars are blending to his sold needs regulating special
modifications. For example, a BMW Motorsport engineers have
grown technically worldly steering wheels, that allow
Zanardi to control a cars primarily regulating his hands. As a
result, when it comes to handling, speed and performance, he need not
settle for anything reduction than his entirely robust competitors. The
imagination of a BMW Motorsport engineers in a growth of this
and other competition steering wheels has now been incorporated in a design
of a steering circle on a OTUSA catamaran, “17”.

BMW Brand Ambassador Zanardi is an impulse and statue to his fans
around a world. Despite carrying had both legs amputated, he has not
usually enjoyed success in engine racing, though also as a para-athlete. He
now has no fewer than 4 Paralympic bullion medals and has won
8 universe championship titles on his handbike. He is also passionate
about H2O sports: Zanardi has a yachtmaster sea looseness and often
takes to a water.

The 35th America’s Cup regattas take place from
16th May to 27th Jun 2017 on a “Great Sound”,
a healthy sailing track off a seashore of Bermuda.


When Legends Meet: Zanardi’s revisit to ORACLE TEAM USA on video.


You can find a film with considerable footage of Zanardi’s outing with
ORACLE TEAM USA on a America’s Cup catamaran, “17”, during a following