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Motorsport Newsletter 11/2012: Audi drivers to benefaction themselves during Hockenheim

Media day during Hockenheim: The DTM is mouth-watering accredited reporters to a press discussion during a circuit. At 9.30 a.m. on Apr 2, Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich and his colleagues from a aspirant brands will be on palm before a deteriorate starts. Between 12.00 and 2 p.m., a drivers will be gratified to answer all a questions of a media as well. In between, a A5 DTM that embodies an energetically awaited all-new furloughed automobile era will be doing exam laps during Hockenheim.

Mileage for a body: Timo Scheider has been bitten by a biking bug. For weeks, a Audi bureau motorist has been an fan of this competition on a racing bicycle secretly done for him. From a DTM exam during Valencia, he secretly trafficked on to Majorca. For one week, from Mar 24 to 31, he lerned his physique for a new motorsport deteriorate on a Balearic Island on endless biking tours.

Sportscar testing: Following a one-two feat during a Sebring 12 Hours, Audi tested on a competition lane in Florida with eleven competition drivers from Monday to Thursday.  After an collision by Timo Bernhard, who in an Audi R18 ultra had slipped retrograde into a tire stacks in spin 17 on Monday, Audi continued a tests with dual R18 e-tron quattro cars and an R18 TDI as a anxiety vehicle. Bernhard stayed during a internal sanatorium for medical checks until a center of a week. An damage of a cervical spine was diagnosed though did not need surgery. Afterwards, he started his vacation in Florida with his mother Katharina.

Anniversary candidate: Dindo Capello is quite happy about his fifth winner’s prize from Sebring. Last weekend, a Audi bureau motorist together with Tom Kristensen and Allan McNish won a 60th using of a 12-hour race. Exactly 10 years ago, a Italian had already distinguished a feat on a 50th anniversary eventuality of this classical race.

Additional programs for dual Audi bureau drivers: Oliver Jarvis and Marco Bonanomi will not usually be disorder off a vast series of exam and competition kilometers in a Audi R18 ultra for a FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) this year. Both are also competing for a Belgian private WRT group in a Audi R8 LMS ultra. As Jarvis’ group partner in a FIA GT1 World Championship, Frank Stippler was nominated on Thursday. Marco Bonanomi was announced in Belgium as a competition motorist for a Blancpain Endurance Series. He will be pity a cockpit with Laurens Vanthoor (B) and Edward Sandström (S).

A word from … Miguel Molina

This year, we are competing in a DTM in a group that is new for you. How was your initial meeting?
At Valencia, we usually done a good step brazen with Audi Sport Team Phoenix. We’ve usually been operative together given this winter though we’ve already got a pleasing and prolific atmosphere.  we consider we’ve put all a mixture together to attract courtesy this year.”

Ernst Moser’s group clinched a DTM pretension final year. Can this suggestion be felt?
Absolutely! It’s a compress patrol that wants to continue during a same turn as final year. You can feel that a group is giving all for this – from my operative and group executive Ernst Moser by to each singular group member. That’s a good feeling and gives me a lot of confidence.

You’ve usually tested a Audi A5 DTM during Valencia. What’s your personal assessment?
We had one exam day in stormy and one day in dry continue in Spain, and finished all a programs as planned. The feeling of pushing a new A5 DTM compared with a aged A4 DTM is a disproportion like night and day. There’s most some-more automatic grip, some-more aerodynamics, incomparable physique dimensions: all is new and totally different. we like a A5 DTM improved than a predecessor. And I’m happy that not usually Audi though also my partner Red Bull continue to be committed to me. I’m already vehement about a initial competition during Hockenheim on Apr 29.

Coming adult subsequent week

March 31 Birmingham (USA), turn 02, GRAND-AM
April 01 Okayama (J), Super GT, turn 01
April 01 Oschersleben (D), ADAC GT Masters, turn 01

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