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Mustang Celebrates 50 Years In Style

How do we applaud 50 years of change in movies, books, and songs? You move together some of a biggest Mustang fans in Canada for dual implausible events. Earlier this month a Mustang distinguished a 50th anniversary and Ford brought together some of a biggest fans for an memorable print fire and Show Shine. From Oakville to Toronto, Hamilton to Ottawa, Mustang clubs put their passion on arrangement for everybody to see.

The Show Shine eventuality gave everybody a glance into a Mustang’s past, while a 2015 Mustang on arrangement gave audiences a demeanour into a future. Select Mustang owners were asked to take partial in an iconic print fire where they parked their cars in a hulk 50 while photographers snapped commemorative photos from a crane.

But with a automobile as iconic as a Mustang, we can’t get divided with carrying a singular event, so Ford threw a 50th birthday jubilee it deserves. Bloggers, automobile lovers, bar members and some-more all collected for an dusk jubilee finish with birthday cake and an event to see a 2015 Mustang adult tighten and personal.

As Mustang distinguished 50 years of North American cocktail culture, it gave everybody an event to demeanour behind during story and brazen into where it will take us.

When we consider Mustang, what does it remind we of? Are we vehement for a future? We wish to know. Share your stories in a comments below, on Facebook, or send us a Tweet.