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New 2015 F-150 Survives 50 Tons of Rock-Hauling Abuse

When we invited drivers to put a new 2015 Ford F-150 to a test, John Swanson from Portland, Oregon, stepped forward. John cracks and stacks stones for a living. He also hauls critical loads – some-more than he believed a new lorry could handle. We were prepared to infer him wrong.

Determined to give a F-150’s re-engineered aluminum amalgamate pickup bed an unapologetic beating, John set out to ride 4 months of chase runs in a singular day. The stones he excavates are intensely pointy and heavy, any particular stone weighing anywhere from 50 to 500 lbs.

Was a lorry Built Ford Tough adequate to hoop John’s challenge? Watch a video.

At a finish of a heartless day, a tailgate was still sitting flattering and not a singular puncture was found in a bed notwithstanding a fact a lorry had carried 50 tons of pointy rock. Did we discuss excavators were used to both bucket and unpack a truck? Still, not a hole to be found, interjection to a military-grade aluminum amalgamate bed designed to withstand whatever abuse we caring to chuck during it.

Truck drivers seeking continuance won’t trust how tough a 2015 F-150 is. What do we think?

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