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New 2019 Ram Chassis Cab Offers a Ultimate Combination of Long-lasting Capability and Upfitter-focused Design With New-to-segment Premium Offerings and Class-Exclusive Technology

February 7, 2019

, Auburn Hills, Mich.

The new 2019 Ram Chassis Cab is a many powerful, many able and many upfitter-friendly a attention has ever offered. Keeping loyal to a operative theme, Ram Chassis Cab designers worked closely with engineering to give a capability apex of Ram’s lorry line an discretionary turn of comfort and reward amenities for those business who have an enthusiast’s passion and wish a wise lorry to hoop a weight — Limited, a many oppulance ever offering in a framework cab segment.

The new Ram Chassis Cab incorporates a largest radiator and turbo intercooler ever designed for a Ram truck. This compulsory designers to emanate grille and buffer designs that not usually intensify a opposite trim levels though concede a engine to breathe and cold while achieving a impassioned avocation cycles approaching of a Ram Chassis Cab truck.

Sharing extraneous settlement elements with a 2019 Ram Heavy Duty, a new 2019 Ram Chassis Cab drives a full force of complicated capability with astonishing technology. The thesis continues with interiors that pull for settlement care with unmatched durability, creation and facilities fluctuating good past what a shred has ever offered.

For 2019, all-new features, record and reward materials assistance a redesigned Ram Chassis Cab continue a interior care with quality, continuance and now, class-leading comfort. Each trim turn fulfills a purpose with a possess personality.

The new instrument quarrel combines a strong, structurally interlocking coming lonesome in a accumulation of forms, pulling a executive controls adult and toward a motorist within a cabin, improving altogether reachability of element controls. As a centerpiece, a 2019 Chassis Cab offers a Uconnect 4C NAV on a 12-inch entirely reconfigurable touchscreen with tailor-made graphics for several Ram models. The touchscreen can arrangement one application, such as a navigation map, opposite a whole 12-inch screen, or can be divided in half, doing dual opposite applications during once. Redundant HVAC controls are located on both sides of a display. A new enhanced-ergonomic switch bank now offers pull buttons with adult to 5 auxiliary switches including a PTO on/off switch.

“The new Ram Chassis Cab interior matches a durable extraneous and for 2019 we’ve done a outrageous jump brazen with interior options, surrounding business with something a cab-chassis lorry shred has never seen,” pronounced Ryan Nagode, Chief Interior Designer for Ram Trucks. “The serve of a Limited trim — sum with deeper tone contrasts, well-developed materials and textures — gives business an upscale, high-quality knowledge while integrating specific calm critical to commercial-weight hauling.”

Additional core smoke-stack designs embody a customary 3-inch arrangement or 8.4-inch arrangement with customary handsfree Bluetooth. All-new rotary doorknob HVAC controls element a multifunction shade with softened usability and design. Above possibly element is a incomparable upper-dash storage tray designed to reason reserve eyeglasses or a smartphone and includes a 12-volt-powered outlet. A second eyewear storage plcae exists in a new beyond console.

New facilities gave designers a event to reinvent a Human Machine Interface. Across all trim levels, a 2019 Ram Chassis Cab facilities push-button start and a redesigned rotary e-shifter dial (6.4-liter HEMI V-8 with 8-speed). The new shifter area also cleverly groups send box controls, when equipped. Six-speed-equipped Ram Chassis Cab trucks underline a mainstay shifter with accessible leather wrap. Gear-limit change controls have been relocated to a new steering circle for easy entrance with right thumb.

The new HVAC element facilities 30-percent some-more airflow during revoke sound levels, including incomparable front defroster vents for improved performance. All-new in-duct electric heating elements on diesel models assistance speed cabin warmup on cold days. Larger palm controls and quarrel ducts work improved with gloved hands. New behind center-console ducts, and some-more destined foot-well airflow are designed to urge comfort and airflow via a cabin.

A reimagined core console is a organic workspace with some-more than 12 opposite storage combinations. Up from 23 to 39 liters, a console includes a wider advancing area with discretionary wireless charging, that can reason a tiny inscription or smartphone. A three-position shifting crater hilt tray can be stowed underneath a core armrest to exhibit a low storage cylinder designed to reason a 15-inch laptop. Lifting a lid of a core armrest also reveals an additional lined storage cell sized to fit a inscription and/or hang full-size files. At a behind of a console, there are dual additional crater holders, that embody a inscription hilt for behind passengers.

To keep inclination charged, 5 USB ports support in a core console — 3 adult front and dual in back. Three of a USB ports, including one in a behind seating area, are fully-functioning and promulgate with a Uconnect interface, 4 of that are interconnected with type-C ports for faster communication and charging. Up to dual 115-volt domicile plugs are accessible (three-prong). One in a initial quarrel and one in a second row, doing adult to 400 watts to assign electronic inclination or energy tools.

Available three-across, front bench-seat configurations underline a new, toolbox-slide movement revoke center-stack drawer with storage capabilities. Five-passenger seating is offering with front bucket seats on 3 of a 4 trim levels.

To a right of a core smoke-stack is a new tip glove box and locking revoke glove box. In Tradesman and SLT trims, a redesigned tip glove box acts as an open shelf for smaller items. On Laramie and Limited trims, a tip glove box is lonesome and slides upwards, dim in a dash. SLT also offers a package with amenities that embody a sealed tip glovebox. Steel orator grilles are offering on Laramie and immaculate steel orator grilles on Limited. Folding adult a behind dais chair reveals additional contained storage space with under-seat compartments.

The 2019 Ram Chassis Cab pivotal fobs also accept upgrades with branding for aloft trim levels and a battery life alleviation of adult to 6 years.

Bold sections sum with an “interlocking” settlement urge aerodynamics and approximate segment-leading capability, continuance and technology. Every Ram Chassis Cab advantages from new calm privately designed to compare a many perfectionist expostulate cycles.

“Our Ram Chassis Cab trucks are always upfitted withdrawal a apportionment of a extraneous settlement to someone else, so we have total a demeanour that not usually supports a accumulation of physique systems though also perfectionist cooling needs with an huge grille,” pronounced Joe Dehner, Head of Ram Truck Exterior Design. “The settlement teams integrated a operative lorry thesis that gives a good sense no matter what upfit and combines it with new record and facilities geared toward a lorry that will spend all of a life working.”

The “interlocking” settlement formula in a some-more organic coming that aligns with a automatic capabilities of a truck. For example, a grille, hood and fenders emanate a one monolithic striking from a stretch while communicating pointing fit between all of a components. This thesis is steady with a instrument panel, cluster and center-console formation as well.

For 2019 a Ram Chassis Cab shares extraneous piece steel with Ram Heavy Duty, including a large new R-A-M grille, that not usually provides a confidant matter though also flows a high volume of atmosphere to cold a 6.4-liter HEMI V-8 and a Cummins 6.7-liter Turbo Diesel engines. Interlocked with a new, lighter aluminum hood, a incomparable and some-more assertive front shave leads with certainty and strength.

The 2019 Ram Chassis Cab is accessible in 4 opposite grille styles with a finish depart from a ancestral crosshairs. The new front buffer is cut with incomparable openings, providing incomparable airflow to a largest turbo intercooler Ram has ever blending to a halo work trucks. New vicinity sensors surrounding a Ram Chassis Cab are seamlessly integrated within areas to make them reduction visible. Fog lamps are pushed to a corners and incomparable tow-hook openings concede easy entrance when a lorry needs to work. Below a bumper, an atmosphere dam is one-inch revoke than a prototype to revoke breeze insurgency on a underbody, pulling atmosphere around a lorry and assisting to mold a many aerodynamic framework cab Ram has offered.

Three conduct flare variations are accessible delivering a best lighting in a segment: Halogen, full LED/reflector and full LED/ projector with Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS). All 3 configurations offer adult twice a lumen outlay when compared to prior lighting. On a reward set, AFS pushes beams adult to 15 degrees in a approaching instruction of car travel. The element includes twin LED bi-functional projectors complemented with a singular LED accent brow and LED haze lamps. All 4 projectors are illuminated in high- and low-beam situations, delivering an clear quad-lamp pattern, day and night. Both midst and reward LED conduct lamps have dual linear illuminated signature elements along a tip and bottom of a conduct lamps. The tangible signature stays on during normal operation while a twin projectors (low and high beams) usually come on during dusk/evening. Besides providing well-developed lighting, Ram stands behind a LED systems with a lifetime guaranty for revoke sum cost of ownership.

Above a lamps resides a new carried aluminum hood. The outcome — a some-more upright, carried chest and shoulders coming that builds on a Ram’s big-rig stance. The towering hood also improved leads atmosphere divided from a wiper area — improving altogether aerodynamics and shortening breeze noise. Designers were responsive of a front doorway as primary genuine estate for blurb logos and livery. Hence, a new badge finds itself interlocked within a stamping of a side hood slot where it is visually some-more readable. This three-dimensional badge calls out a specific array of a lorry — providing a aloft turn of coherence in a badge design.

The side of a lorry flows with heading Ram style. A drawn body-side impression line ties together a front buffer and cab doors. A creased line during a rocker is styled to accent new front circle flares and body-side frame on Limited.

All navigation, Wi-Fi, radio and SiriusXM with 360L tasks are rubbed by a new shark fin receiver — creation a new 2019 Ram Chassis Cab a first-in-segment but a pillar antenna. The new receiver reduces breeze noise, improves vigilance accepting and simplifies name upfits.

All-new wheels move a interlocking thesis together. Five new eight-lug designs are accessible from 17-inches to 18-inches in hole on Ram 3500 Chassis Cab and one new impression on Ram 4500/5500 Chassis Cab measuring 19.5-inches.

The 2019 Ram Chassis Cab is accessible in 12 colors, including 3 new colors: Billet Silver, Patriot Blue and Diamond Black Crystal. Each indication creates a possess singular “Hero” matter with paint colors, badging, wheels, grilles and other features.

Exterior: Rugged Black accents for jobsite continuance cover a entry-level Ram Chassis Cab. Optional chrome accents give business a accumulation of customization options. The Black Tradesman filigree grille and header are sum with halogen lamps. 18-inch steel wheels come customary on 3500 Tradesman.

Interior: Tradesman trims accept Black/Diesel Grey heavy-duty vinyl or cloth seats prepared to mount adult to whatever is thrown in. The vocational-use Ram Chassis Cab Tradesman receives singular Construction Yellow sign needles, a new 3.5-inch greyscale shade in a sign cluster, discretionary plated-finished doorway handles and durable textured paint.

Exterior: The SLT trim turn includes chrome bumpers, grille approximate and header and halogen lamps with discretionary LED lighting. 18-inch chrome-clad wheels are customary on 3500.

Interior: SLT is accessible with Black/Diesel Grey, Black/Light Brown, Light Frost/Black or all-Black reward cloth seats accented with new interior finishes. Seating is accessible in five-passenger bucket or a six-passenger bench-seating option. SLT also includes a first-ever for Ram, leather chair choice in Regular Cab.

Exterior: Laramie facilities a full chrome shelter grille and chrome header, revoke applique, mirrors and door-handle accents. Standard LED lighting and haze lamps nestled in a front and body-colored circle flares intensify a sculpted body, a initial for Ram Chassis Cabs.

Interior: Laramie trim caters to a customer who wants a some-more reward feel. Leather front seats are exhilarated and vented (optional). Rear leather seats are exhilarated with new vented option. Depending on interior color, Medium Greystone or Light Frost Beige accent stitching graces a tip dashboard, core armrest and doorway panels. Interior colors embody Mountain Brown/Light Frost Beige or all-Black leather seats with suede inserts. Ambient lighting is piped by a cabin permitting owners to continue their appreciation for a interior by a night. Laramie trim also offers a fourth-generation Uconnect element with a 12-inch entirely reconfigurable touchscreen. At night, a cabin is accentuated with ambient lighting to emanate a gentle atmosphere for passengers. Rear passengers are also treated with high-quality materials.

Exterior: A corrugated filigree grille leads with a chrome “R-A-M” badge and dim chrome accents approximate a combined inlets. The newly accessible trim turn includes chrome bumpers, draw hooks, body-side molding, mirrors and door-handle accents. LED projector conduct lamps and LED haze lamps are standard. A body-color buffer choice is available, body-colored buffer flares are standard, including a oversized two-piece flares on 4500 and 5500.

Interior: Limited trim also advantages from a segment-exclusive 100-percent full-grain hand-wrapped leather dashboard, door-panel coverings and armrests. Elevating a reward feel further, genuine aluminum and timber accents accoutre a cabin, along with a timber tip glove box doorway with a steel inlayed “Limited” badge. Uconnect 4C with 12-inch touchscreen is standard. At night, a cabin is accentuated with ambient lighting to emanate a many reward and gentle atmosphere for passengers. Limited interior colors embody Indigo/Light Frost Beige or all-Black leather seating. Front seats are exhilarated and vented. Rear leather seats are exhilarated with new vented feature.