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New Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept Vehicle: Electrification Meets Beauty and Dynamism

March 5, 2019

, Turin, Italy

Alfa Romeo is violation into a electric automobile universe during a 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, divulgence a new judgment of a Alfa Romeo Tonale reward compress SUV. The Tonale is a initial plug-in hybrid and a initial reward compress SUV for Alfa Romeo. It rewrites a manners of today’s fastest flourishing shred regulating a brand’s heading denunciation done adult of beautiful Italian pattern and forlorn pushing dynamics.

A Premium Compact SUV Inspired By Beauty And Alfa Romeo’s Design DNA
The pattern of a Tonale is an countenance that looks fondly into a future. Its compress measure consolidate singular Italian pattern and a observable strange and complicated character standard of Alfa Romeo, distinguished a ideal mix of valued birthright and expectation of a new evolution. Alfa Romeo binds dear a hint of Italian art and sculpture by a undying “artigianale” knowledge of palm sculpting.

The Tonale is desirous by a beauty and nuances compared with tellurian forms, and a organic transformation of light resulted by pristine lines and volumes. Its pattern tangibly recalls a series of time-honored character elements that are synonymous with a abounding story of Alfa Romeo, with an execution that excites a complicated proceed to a new Alfa Romeo anatomy.

An component that echoes a tradition of Alfa Romeo’s DNA is a phone dial wheel. The Tonale’s 21-inch circle pattern displays this by a lightweight architectural construction, formulating an honest and impactful execution of a turn theme. The origin of a phone dial circle dates behind to a 1960s, ragged proudly on a iconic 33 Stradale. The particular Tonale circle pattern is also distinguished harmoniously with an disdainful Pirelli tire scheme.

The bold, superb volumes of a physique side make anxiety to a clearly apart past, recalling a erotic qualities found in a pristine forms of a Duetto and a Disco Volante Spider, while a Tonale’s “Linea GT” interprets a tragedy and certainty of a pouncing position found on a dear GT Junior. The front finish sports Alfa Romeo’s signature “Trilobo” and a particular “Scudetto” grille that serves as a executive indicate of strength, pushing a speed and fluidity that moves via a Tonale. Flanking a iconic “Scudetto” and completing a front monographic is a “3 and 3” brazen lighting that evokes a unapproachable gawk contemplative of a SZ and Brera. The back of a Tonale is elegantly tangible by an enveloping window volume, complemented on tip by a dangling wing that enhances a smoothness between a pristine roof and a back window itself. As any Alfa Romeo pattern is cared for by a tellurian touch, a back lighting is suggestive of an artistic signature, rather than an visual lighting component … a arrange of radiant signature innate directly from a artist’s hand.  

With a impulse of Alfa Romeo’s racing story during a core, a Tonale interior pattern conjures a passion compared with providing a energetic expostulate by energetic form and pristine sculpture. The interior of a Tonale is really motorist oriented and a altogether blueprint is designed absolutely for 4 passengers. The hand-drawn gestural lines widen via a sourroundings to emanate a robust tension, as if what surrounds we is prepared to thrust forward. The romantic stress of a Tonale interior is also generated by a contrariety of abounding materials, such as a cold reduction of aluminum total with a soothing and welcoming regard of a leather and Alcantara. Inside there are unclouded backlit panels, such as a executive tunnel, providing a ideal plcae for a essential Alfa Romeo element, a DNA expostulate mode selector. The Tonale interior provides an thorough experience, with sum typically indifferent for a exclusive. The interior is immersive and welcoming, with a energetic attributes appreciated by those who adore to drive.

The Tonale judgment automobile is versed with a top levels of record to safeguard a connected, gentle and energetic user experience, while gripping a pleasure of a sporty expostulate during a forefront.

The driver’s courtesy will be on a road, with a marginal concentration on a 12.3-inch full digital cluster and a 10.25-inch touchscreen executive conduct unit. The new infotainment facilities a seamless and liquid multitasking interface that allows a motorist to have all a latest facilities and functionality straightforwardly accessible during their fingertips. The Tonale allows a motorist to be entirely connected to a Alfa Romeo Lifestyle and Social communities, satisfied and presented by a new infotainment features, “Alfista” and “Paddock”.

  • Alfistais an immersive Alfa Romeo Lifestyle experience, providing a entirely connected interface with name Alfa Romeo clubs and village events, such as gatherings, drives and meets. This in-vehicle app allows a motorist entrance to live news and updates about a stream happenings of a Alfa Romeo brand. The patron has a ability to endorse assemblage to events and gatherings, sequence Alfa Romeo Racing tickets, as good as request for opportunities to win VIP entrance to special Alfa Romeo sponsored events, usually to name a few.
  • Paddock is a Alfa Romeo Tonale in-vehicle garage and marketplace for real-time observation and purchasing of a latest interior and extraneous opening upgrades and equipment. The Paddock app also enables a patron to corkscrew by a latest offerings of Alfa Romeo Merchandise and Apparel, that can be systematic proceed with a hold of a screen.

The Alfa Romeo Tonale is a demeanour into a destiny of a reward compress SUV segment, formulating a holistic artistic countenance and by a mix of beauty and technology. For Alfa Romeo Design, it is a “opera d’arte,” or square of art … differently voiced as a Alfa Romeo Tonale.

Authentically Alfa Romeo
The Tonale outlines a entrance of a code in a reward compress application automobile shred and does so in line with a characteristics that have always identified any Alfa Romeo model. The thought is to broach a best pushing dynamics in a shred and to request substructure in ideal Alfa Romeo style.

It is a healthy expansion of a code on a proceed toward propulsive synergy able of enhancing opening and pushing dynamics. Rather than simply bettering to new standards, with a Tonale judgment automobile Alfa Romeo is reinterpreting a possess DNA to constraint a new thought of beauty, energy, harmony, potency and pushing user-friendliness.

The substructure of Alfa Romeo comes during a use of sportiness and emphasizes a famous “Mechanics of Emotions” goal of a brand. For this reason, it has no need to demonstrate itself by signatures or motionless livery, though usually with tiny sum such as a Alfa logo, or “Biscione” in hybrid optics, a tiny nonetheless decisive fact that enhances a Tonale. The back electric engine opens a proceed to new technological solutions that offer pushing dynamics, maximizes a expostulate and a pleasure of sporty driving. The expansion is also clear in a expostulate modes managed by Alfa D.N.A. From a commencement on a 4C and by a growth with Giulia and Stelvio, it has reached a Tonale and now implements specific appetite government functions.

  • Dynamic” mode evolves into “Dual Power” mode and guarantees limit outlay from a dual engines
  • Natural” mode continues to say a best opening optimization, and a concede between regulating electric and inner explosion engines is managed automatically. This translates into bland appetite and fuel savings, though not during a wreckage of performance
  • The “Advance Efficiency” mode becomes “Advance E” for opening in full electric mode. So, in line with a beliefs of a brand, a plug-in hybrid thrust enhances a beauty, sporty and energetic pushing characteristics of any Alfa Romeo model, holding them to a new level. In Tonale, substructure embraces opening and represents a new proceed to grasp high opening and superb pushing fun
  • The infotainment hold shade facilities an “E-mozione” button, that offers specific stifle settings, crook braking and a some-more proceed steering response

Alfa Romeo Tonale
The Tonale embodies a journey intensity of a reward compact, energetic competition application automobile able of guaranteeing a adrenaline of sporty pushing fundamental in a fable of a brand, in civic settings with a same ease. The sound of a electric engine accompanies a honestly Alfa Romeo bark formulating an efficient, sparkling synergy during a use of pushing pleasure. The appetite switch to electric is a latest pivotal page in a 109-year-long story of a Alfa Romeo fable and one that will propel a code into a future.

This is also behind a name selected for a new judgment car. The Tonale Pass, not distant from a Stelvio Pass in a Alps, is a vast healthy amphitheater famous for a stately peaks, a healthy philharmonic of frothy waterfalls and sleet all year turn in a breath-taking healthy setting. Directly connected to a Stelvio Pass, fad and peace coexist in a Tonale Pass area. The Tonale is an critical growth underneath a pointer of smoothness and geographical proximity, an expansion traced in time in an evocative association.
About Alfa Romeo
Since a substructure in Milan, Italy, in 1910, Alfa Romeo has designed and crafted some of a many stylish and disdainful cars in automotive history. That tradition lives on currently as Alfa Romeo continues to take a singular and innovative proceed to conceptualizing automobiles. Born from a world’s biggest pushing highway – a Stelvio Pass – a Alfa Romeo Stelvio sets a new benchmark in performance, character and record in an SUV that could usually be from Italy. The award-winning Alfa Romeo Giulia delivers race-inspired performance, modernized technologies, charming Italian character and an refreshing pushing knowledge to a reward mid-size sedan segment. Crafted by Alfa Romeo artisans during a Cassino plant in Italy, a Giulia Quadrifoglio and a Stelvio Quadrifoglio underline Alfa Romeo’s many absolute prolongation engine ever with best-in-class 0-60 mph times of 3.8 and 3.6 seconds, respectively. Rounding out Alfa Romeo’s world-class lineup is a domestic Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, that represents a purest form of La meccanica delle emozioni (the mechanics of emotion), with a race-inspired, mid-engine pattern and state-of-the-art, Formula 1-inspired CO fiber monocoque chassis.

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