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New ARĪV eBikes From GM Are Available for Preorder

New ARĪV eBikes From GM Are Available for Preorder

Customers in name markets can select between dual models on





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OSHAWA (Thursday, Feb 14, 2019) — Today, GM announces ARĪV as a name of a new eBike brand, that includes two innovative, integrated and connected eBikes: a Meld, a compress eBike, and a Merge, a folding eBike. The name ARĪV was comparison as partial of a tellurian crowdsourcing debate announced in Nov 2018.

“The crowdsourcing debate authorised us to pierce consumers into a growth of a brand,” pronounced Hannah Parish, ARĪV director. “Combine that with a products and a mix of bike and automotive talent, and a outcome is a singular code DNA.”  

ARĪV eBikes are rising initial in Germany, Belgium and a Netherlands, due to a recognition of lithium-ion battery-powered eBikes in those markets. Preorders are accessible starting currently around

In Belgium and a Netherlands, a ARĪV Meld is 2.800 €[1] and a ARĪV Merge is 3.400 €1. In Germany, a ARĪV Meld is 2.750 €1 and a ARĪV Merge is 3.350 €1.  ARĪV eBikes are scheduled to start shipping to business in Q2 of 2019.

Engineering Enhanced by Automotive Standards

ARĪV used GM’s automotive-grade capabilities to set high standards in eBike engineering. GM’s endless knowledge with electric car engine program and controls severely shabby a exclusive GM engine that was built from a belligerent adult privately for ARĪV eBikes. The engine delivers top-of-segment energy and torque for a size. It also enables speeds adult to 25 kph with 4 levels of pedal-assisted power.

The battery was designed and certified to severe contrast standards identical to GM’s electric vehicles. Riders can assign their ARĪV eBike’s battery in approximately 3.5 hours and accept adult to 64 kilometers of float time on a singular charge.

The ARĪV Merge and Meld come customary with reserve components such as integrated, rechargeable front and back LED reserve lights for increasing prominence and oversized stop rotors to boost interlude power.

The ARĪV eBikes were engineered and designed in GM comforts in Michigan and Oshawa, Ontario.

Stylish and Modern Design

The ARĪV pattern group total a automotive and cycling imagination to emanate an innovative eBike pattern that addresses a singular needs of civic commuters, with facilities such as inner wire routing to produce a modern, undeviating design.

The compress pattern of both models allows for easier movement and some-more available storage. The ARĪV Merge folds easily, permitting business to conveniently hurl a bike on a dual wheels while folded. Walk mode can also be intent on a ARĪV Merge and Meld, permitting business to rivet a engine capability to travel a eBikes adult high turf some-more easily.

Connected and Smart

Both ARĪV eBikes bond with a ARĪV eBike app around Bluetooth. The app provides roving metrics such as speed, distance, remaining battery level, engine support level, stretch trafficked and more. Additional facilities are designed for a app including a mode that will use a exclusive algorithm to assistance riders arrive during their end sweat-free.

Each ARĪV Merge and Meld comes versed with a Quad Lock mount, a market-leading complement to firmly insert a smartphone to a eBike. An integrated USB pier allows riders to say their phone’s assign while on a go.


ARĪV eBikes are corroborated by a energy of General Motors and are focused on assisting people pierce some-more openly in cities by formulating solutions that revoke emissions and congestion. We trust ARĪV eBikes are a fast, fun and healthy approach to strech a destination.

[1] Includes sales taxation and shipping