Audi Canada

New artistic executive for Audi Summer Concerts starting in 2019

New unison venues, a diverse
supporting module and particular leitmotifs will conclude a Audi Summer
Concerts from now on. “We are giving a assembly an active approach to access
classical song with a new festival module and startling highlights. We are
also bringing song to museums, for instance,” pronounced Melanie Goldmann, Head of
Culture and Trends Communications during Audi. In addition, fans of a summer
concerts will be means to exam a festival atmosphere from a really start, as this
year’s festival will start off with a renouned exemplary alfresco concerts at

“It is essentially a artists and
their ideas that give a festival a form and that make it something
special,” Goldmann said. “So we are really unapproachable to enter into dual strong
alliances with glorious artists.” Next year Lisa Batiashvili, a violinist
born in Tbilisi, will take over a artistic instruction for an initial duration of
two years. Her tasks will embody building a judgment and formulation for the
festival. She will also perform concerts herself. “For me, Germany is a land
of glorious engineering and low-pitched creations,” eager Lisa Batiashvili. She
sees commonalities between Audi and exemplary song in terms of aesthetics and
modernity. Both direct top-class opening and unbeatable quality.

The 2018 festival will open with
Finnish violinist Kuusisto on Jul 13 together with a internationally
acclaimed Mahler Chamber Orchestra, that will be behaving for a initial time
in Ingolstadt. This initial of dual exemplary alfresco concerts is entitled
“Scandinavian Expanse,” in gripping with this year’s “places of longing”
leitmotif. The module includes Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1 and Scandinavian
works by Grieg and Sibelius as good as Finnish folk music. Pekka Kuusisto
himself will horde a dusk and will also put his electric violin to use.

Kuusisto will also after perform cover song during
the Audi Summer Concerts 2018. In addition, countless other general world
stars will also disturb a audience. The module includes a opening by the
Audi Young Persons’ Choral Academy (with Haydn’s “The Creation”) and a guest
performance by a Salzburg Festival. Unconventional unison venues including
the Lechner Museum and a Museum for Concrete Art paint an additional
innovation being incorporated into a festival concept. The finish program
for a Audi Summer Concerts 2018 will be announced by a association in early
March, when sheet sales will also begin.