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New Evidence of Top Quality: Audi Now Ranks 1st and 2nd in Endurance Test by “Auto Bild”

“We are really unapproachable of this steady success,” says Michael Neumayer, Head of Audi Quality Assurance. “It confirms a explain to be a heading reward provider when it comes to peculiarity as well. The readers of ‘Auto Bild’ consider a same thing: One year ago, in a foe entitled ‘The best brands of all classes,’ they voted Audi a leader in a difficulty of quality.”

The “Auto Bild” continuation exam involves a 100,000 kilometer expostulate and ends with a automobile being distant and examined by an eccentric expert. The trustworthiness of a automobile and a bland practice and impressions of a editors are also partial of a assessment. The editors of “Auto Bild” have been carrying out continuation tests given 1986; in 2014, they updated a exam scheme. Since then, there had never been a code with dual models during a tip of a ranking during a same time.

The A4 Avant 2.0 TFSI finished a 100,000 kilometers but a smallest problem and ranked right behind a Audi A3 Sportback g-tron with a true class of 1. The compress model, that can be fueled with sustainably constructed Audi e-gas, finished a “Auto Bild” continuation exam in open 2017 with a superb outcome of 0 faults. It perceived the grade 1+ for this and is as nonetheless a initial and usually indication to obtain this outcome from “Auto Bild”.