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New Ford Taurus Delivers More Fuel Efficiency, Technology, Design Refinement and Even Better Driving Dynamics

Taurus Limited offers oppulance levels of patron comfort, preference and connectivity technologies, while still projected to broach adult to 31 highway mpg when propitious with 2.0-liter EcoBoost power
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  • Ford Taurus is even some-more polished for a 2013 indication year with softened fuel economy, some-more technology, extended design, softened craftsmanship and sensory pushing dynamics
  • New Taurus approaching to broach best-in-class fuel potency during slightest 31 mpg highway with a new 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine, while delivering horsepower allied to competitive, routinely aspirated V6 offerings
  • New Ford Taurus SHO sedan is sportiest indication nonetheless to wear SHO badge, charity unique, performance-inspired design, highway manners to compare and even some-more split in a Taurus lineup

NEW YORK, Apr 19, 2011 The new Ford Taurus delivers some-more of what vast sedan business unequivocally wish for a 2013 indication year with even softened fuel economy, some-more technology, pattern refinement, softened craftsmanship and extended pushing dynamics.

We have significantly upgraded Fords flagship sedan by recurrent courtesy to detail, pronounced Mark Fields, Fords boss of The Americas. The new Taurus builds on a mutation we achieved in a 2010 model. Delivering so many upgrades so shortly serve underscores Fords care and joining to delivering high-quality, fuel-efficient cars for a customers.

Greener, nonetheless powerful
A choice of new engines offers business augmenting fuel efficiency, but compromising a manageable opening they want.

Taurus is a initial automobile in Fords North American lineup to offer a modernized 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine, mixing a turbocharger with gasoline approach injection. It is approaching to broach best-in-class highway fuel economy of during slightest 31 mpg. Providing copiousness of power, a 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine will broach an estimated 237 horsepower and 250 lb.-ft. of torque.

The customary Taurus 3.5-liter V6 is projected to broach unrivalled fuel potency among V6 shred competitors while still delivering augmenting opening from an expected 290 horsepower.
This is achieved with a further of twin eccentric non-static camshaft timing (Ti-VCT), enabling augmenting fuel economy while delivering 27 some-more horsepower, a rebate in part-throttle emissions and augmenting responsiveness.

Both engines are corresponding with singular six-speed involuntary transmissions that offer optimized rigging preference for off-the-line energy smoothness in revoke gears, while benefiting fuel economy with aloft gears that keep a engine branch well during revoke revolutions while cruising.

Each Taurus powertrain facilities additional technologies to assistance preserve fuel, such as:

  • Low-tension front finish appendage expostulate belt
  • Smart battery management
  • Aggressive deceleration fuel shutoff
  • Variable-displacement atmosphere conditioning compressor
  • Reduced attrition lubricants
  • Electric power-assisted steering (EPAS)

The group put special importance to fit all new Taurus models with EPAS to urge steering response by speeding adult a steering ratio and rigidly ascent a steering shelve to a subframe. The EPAS element also allows for a high grade of tuning by Ford automobile dynamics engineers to optimize steering feel, appreciative fan drivers and portion as a certainty builder for less-experienced drivers.

The Taurus interior keeps immature with endless use of recycled element in a cloth surfaces, in a headliner, and in noise, quivering and rudeness (NVH) control components. Taurus chair cushions are comprised of a high thoroughness of soy foam, significantly shortening petroleum-based substances.

Even smarter
Americas many innovative full-size sedan gets even smarter with an array of even some-more class-leading technologies including SYNC with MyFord Touch, that replaces many normal buttons, knobs and gauges with clear, colorful LCD screens and steering wheel-mounted five-way toggles. These screens can be personalized to arrangement information applicable to any motorist by regulating voice command, gripping a drivers eyes on a highway and hands on a wheel.

MyFord Touch is powered by a new chronicle of Fords award-winning SYNC system, mixing voice control for automobile functions, enabled Bluetooth devices, MP3 players and a far-reaching accumulation of outmost media.

The new Taurus also adds Fords discerning active park support technology, creation life easier and some-more accessible for customers.

Taurus also offers a following comfort and preference technologies:

  • New exhilarated steering wheel adds to a comfort of a exhilarated and cooled leather-trimmed seats
  • Multicontour seats with Active Motion, a Taurus class-exclusive offering, assistance to revoke motorist and first-row newcomer tired with a pointed rolling massage pattern
  • Intelligent Access with push-button start, permitting a motorist to enter a automobile and start a engine around pull symbol simply by carrying a pivotal fob in his or her possession
  • Auto high beams employ a sensor to switch headlamps to high lamp when no approaching trade is detected
  • Rain-sensing wipers use an modernized visible sensor to detect a energy of sleet and/or layer to automatically adjust wiper speed
  • Rear perspective camera activates when retreat rigging is selected, lifted around a core stack-mounted 8-inch screen
  • Rear window energy sunshade, a luxury-class underline that shades a back potion during a hold of a button, assisting to keep a cabin cooler

In addition, Taurus is accessible with a far-reaching accumulation of audio and navigation connectivity alternatives.

Packed with fact
Taurus peculiarity starts with pattern refinement. Building on a totally revived 2010 model, a new Taurus facilities a some-more robust hood. Larger wheels and tires fill out a wheel-well openings, giving Taurus an jaunty stance. Rear entertain panels have been raised, enabling larger, full LED taillamps. Without augmenting altogether measure or automobile weight, a new Taurus looks some-more streamlined, estimable and sporty.

Improved pushing dynamics is a peculiarity a motorist will feel. Beyond a across-the-board transition to EPAS, a hard-mounted steering shelve with a faster ratio, springs and dampers have been optimized to yield softened automobile handling, total with softened float quality.

The new Taurus dynamics advantage from a further of torque vectoring control. This underline uses a slight probably inaudible to a motorist volume of braking force on a outward front circle when accelerating by a corner. This minimal stop force provides an outcome identical to a limited-slip differential. The outcome is a automobile that feels smaller and some-more maneuverable, with some-more control when augmenting speed by curves.

This innovative underline will greatfully enthusiasts while portion as a certainty builder for less-seasoned drivers. Torque vectoring control routinely found in high-ticket sports cars is a Taurus class-exclusive feature. In addition, this underline is standard.

The new Taurus adds bend control, a singular Ford braking control creation directed during negligence a vehicle, if it senses that a motorist inadvertently enters a bend too quickly. With focus of four-wheel intelligent braking, a automobile can revoke speed by adult to 10 mph in approximately one second.

Entering curves or on- and off-ramps too fast contributes to some-more than 50,000 crashes any year in a U.S. Curve control is a Taurus class-exclusive offering.

Across a board, all new Taurus models will accept a incomparable stop master cylinder with revised upholder tuning, ensuing in a shorter pedal ratio and dramatically softened pedal feel. Brake attrition element has been upgraded for softened blur insurgency and performance.

Exterior craftsmanship for a new Taurus has been softened by a practice of digital pre-assembly. This modernized record enables engineers to residence intensity issues in Taurus prolongation while still in a online proviso and ensures precise, uniform aspect gaps and margins once array prolongation is initiated. Taurus was benchmarked opposite Audi A6 for extraneous fit and finish.

Inside, no fact went untouched. Taurus interior craftsmanship is towering by stretched use of soft-touch, high-quality materials inside a cabin. Upgraded materials opposite a instrument row and via a core console are justification of continual improvement.
Additional improvements extend to cloth-wrapped A-, B- and C-pillars, flock-lined glovebox and console storage and new switchgear. This ardent courtesy to fact even reaches inside a case space, that is totally dressed.

NVH control has been extended in a new Taurus with a further of A-pillar and cover baffles and acoustic wheel-well liners to still highway noise.

Safe Taurus
The new Taurus builds on a bequest of safety, as a stream indication warranted an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick rating. The unbending Taurus structure contains most high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels, including boron.

Taurus facilities a Trinity front-crash architecture, named for a 3 elements that are designed to catch and route pile-up army divided from automobile occupants. These components embody of an ultra-high-strength boron front lamp to catch initial impact force, boron shotgun rails that send impact army in a erratic trail to a roof panel, and a decoupling engine cradle within a front subframe to assistance forestall a powertrain from interfering with a cabin.

Taurus also facilities Side Protection And Cabin Enhancement (SPACE) Architecture, a hydroformed cross-car lamp embedded in a building between a doorway frames to assistance yield additional strength on a sides of a vehicle. A firm roof crossmember, side-impact doorway beams and boron B-pillar bolster also minister to side-impact protection.

In a new Taurus, airbag restraints have been extended with optimized tethering and venting to privately tailor deployment force to passenger size, position and chair belt status. In addition, Taurus facilities a Safety Canopy with rollover sensor.

In a eventuality of an airbag deployment, Taurus provides an SOS Post-Crash Alert System, and facilities AdvanceTrac with Electronic Stability Control.

In addition, Taurus offers a element of driver-aid technologies, such as:

  • Adaptive journey control employing radar record to guard trade adult to 600 feet ahead, automatically adjusting Taurus speed to assistance say a protected distance
  • Collision warning with stop support, enabled by adaptive journey control, provides a heads-up visible warning total with an audio vigilance to warning a motorist to slower relocating trade ahead. The element also pre-charges a brakes to assist stopping
  • Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) is designed to warning a motorist if another automobile is pushing within a intensity blind spot
  • Cross-traffic alert, enabled by BLIS, senses and warns a motorist of approaching trade from possibly instruction when a Taurus is subsidy out of a drive or parking space
  • MyKey owner controls underline allows relatives or swift administrators to activate limited pushing modes. MyKey can extent tip speeds and audio volume, provides progressing warnings and prevents deactivation of fortitude control systems. A new MyKey underline can forestall entrance to blocked satellite radio content

The new Taurus will be made during Fords Chicago Assembly Plant.

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