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New Scania double-decker in Berlin operations

New-generation Scania Citywide low building double-decker Scania has delivered a initial new-generation Scania Citywide low building double-decker to Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) for daily services in a German capital. BVG, Germany’s largest open ride operator, will over a opening months exam a two-axle train in credentials for large-scale double-decker services.

The bus, for 88 passengers, is 4.06 metre high and 10.9 scale long. The Scania Citywide is powered by Scania’s 7-litre, 280 hp engine. To yield a fuel-efficient 18-tonne two-axel bus, Scania has optimised weight. The building between a reduce and top rug is built regulating light-weight element and a staircase is created in plastic. The reduce rug has 19 bound and 5 folding seats with dual areas for special needs. On a top deck, passengers are offering 45 seats. It is serve versed with a lightweight primer circle chair ramp.

High standards

Scania was given a giveaway rein to pattern a train that would accommodate a top newcomer standards. The train facilities a light and atmospheric interior judgment with a potion roof in a front area of a top rug as good as over a staircase. The worldly atmosphere conditioning complement provides an even and gentle indoor climate. All seats have USB charging ports and vast 29” monitors yield best newcomer information.

By a reduce rug entrance, a newcomer counting complement displays a series of unoccupied seats on a top rug doors to inspire travellers to pierce up. BVG quite wishes to inspect a newcomer upsurge in a double-deck bus. “We will lift out endless tests in a rarely perfectionist daily Berlin traffic,” says Bus Director Martin Koller, BVG.