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New, tolerable training and preparation programs during Audi

“We are undergoing a mutation and are building tolerable mobility solutions for a destiny as good as suitable opportunities for immature people to join a company,” says Wendelin Göbel, Board Member for Human Resources and Organization. “After all, a apprentices and students are an critical basement for a success of Audi of tomorrow. We are therefore scheming them for future-oriented subjects in a best probable way. This also includes bettering training methods in sequence to inspire immature people to learn independently,” says Göbel.

Peter Mosch, Chairman of a General Works Council of AUDI AG, adds: “Suitable education are a substructure for a secure veteran future. For us as a General Works Council, it is essential for Audi to offer present training calm to ready tomorrow’s workforce for tomorrow’s mobility. For immature people, a new training programs and adjustments to existent vocational training are a right stairs to take.”

New investigate programs during a Neckarsulm site

Audi is serve expanding a fuel dungeon imagination during a Neckarsulm plcae and is bettering a investigate programs accordingly. Students in a “Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Bioengineering” Bachelor module will now be means to learn about earthy and organic chemistry as good as thermal routine engineering. In addition, a new “Mechanical Engineering – Process Engineering” Bachelor module being charity prepares students to work in a fuel dungeon growth team.

Audi is also focusing on targeted growth of future-oriented training in information technology. In a “Business Informatics – Data Science” Bachelor module charity during a Neckarsulm location, students learn a core competences in information research and a focus in a corporate context. The courses are charity in and with a Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University.

New team-work programs with a Technical University of Ingolstadt

Starting in 2020, Audi will launch twin additional twin Bachelor grade programs and an additional twin Master module in team-work with a Technical University of Ingolstadt: In a “User Experience Design” Bachelor program, students learn a programming, pattern and judgment growth skills indispensable to pattern user-centric products. The “Electrical Engineering and Electric Mobility” Bachelor module teaches expertise in a future-oriented margin of electric mobility and appetite storage. Building on that is a three-semester Master module in “Electrical Engineering for Mobile Systems,” that teaches engineering procedures in a growth of automotive electrotechnical and mechatronic systems.

Extended training program

In further to a new grade programs, Audi will be charity training to validate as an IT dilettante in Neckarsulm starting in 2020, mixing a pivotal points of IT and electrical engineering. This occupational training is also being charity in Ingolstadt.

The module for meddlesome propagandize and university students is wide-ranging: Starting in 2020, Audi will offer training in a sum of 20 occupations, 16 twin Bachelor and 3 twin Master programs.

Digitalization in training

More and some-more digital training methods are being used in vocational training during Audi. Audi is introducing a new training height during a start of vocational training in Sep 2019. The online complement guarantees entrance to training calm opposite mixed locations. This enables trainers and apprentices in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm to share and routine content, believe and assignments regulating their personalized online entrance on association tablets and computers. The trainers use a apparatus to lane a training swell of a particular apprentices. Depending on their turn of knowledge, immature people can be upheld with personalized training measures.

Applications for a start of apprenticeships or grade programs in 2020 can still be submitted by a Audi career page until Sep 15, 2019. Further information is accessible during and

In addition, school-age students have a event via a year to finish a work-experience chain for additional career orientation. Online applications for this can be found during