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New technologies for piloted pushing – Audi participating in “Digital Motorway Test Bed”

The “Digital Motorway Test Bed” is a corner beginning between a Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, a Free State of Bavaria, a automotive and supply attention as good as a IT sector. On several sections of a A9 between Nuremberg East and Munich North, transmitters and sensors bond cars with their vicinity as good as with other vehicles. Audi is concerned in 6 projects here. Three of them concentration on constructional measures and a remaining 3 on communication technologies.

“As partial of a Digital Test Bed, Audi is participating in growth activities to make a autobahn infrastructure even some-more arguable and therefore support piloted driving,” remarked Alejandro Vukotich, Head of Development for Automated Driving during AUDI AG. “Among other things, a thought is to cgange a materials used for pen posts and guardrails so that they simulate radar waves improved than during benefaction – from a larger distance, and in sleet and sleet too. Other aims embody automobile sensors that will in destiny detect a highway markings some-more easily. Special extra markings during a roadside will capacitate exam vehicles to focus themselves by camera in propinquity to their highway imprinting with really high precision. The initial prototypes for these projects will shortly be installed.”

The “Car2Infrastructure” communication plan connects a automobile with non-static summary highway signs that are online. These signs warning drivers by mobile tie to speed limits, trade jams or line closures, for example. As a initial step, Audi engineers have grown a concept interface with a arrangement systems, that change extremely from segment to region. The information collected is uploaded to a Audi cloud around a mobile network, afterwards eliminated from there behind to a exam cars. This arrangement reserve a automobile directly with information on new trade situations – an indispensable partial of protected piloted driving.

Thanks to a destiny mobile communication record LTE-V, a information send modules in a cars are also directly connected to any other. This ad-hoc communication enables cars to promulgate with one another even in regions but mobile coverage. Furthermore, LTE-V allows new reserve functions such as black ice warnings, as good as “platooning,” where piloted pushing cars form an energy-saving convoy.

In a third communication project, dual sections of a A9 are being surveyed with centimeter pointing and objects such as bridges, signs and highway markings are being defined. These commentary are fed into a HERE HD Live Map, that is being henceforth supplemented and updated.

Alejandro Vukotich, Head of Development for Automated Driving during AUDI AG, welcomes a commentary performed to date: “The ‘Digital Motorway Test Bed’ gives us a eventuality to assistance actively conclude a destiny of driving. Hand in palm with partners, we are means to exam destiny technologies in this genuine trade sourroundings that we eventually wish to deliver into array prolongation during Audi. The outcome is that we can ideally synchronize a car growth work with a infrastructure.”

A group of Audi engineers will be stating on a latest developments from a “Digital Motorway Test Bed” to Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt during a press eventuality holding place during a Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure on Oct 18, 2016.