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New York City Approves Ford Transit Connect Taxi for Use; Versatile Cabs to Start Hitting Streets in Late Summer

New York City joins Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia on a list of large cities where officials have authorized a Transit Connect Taxi for use. Approval means a Transit Connect Taxi adheres to New York Taxi and Limousine Commission-mandated standards that outline specifics, such as engine distance and volume of interior room.
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  • New York joins Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia on list of vital cities to approve a Ford Transit Connect Taxi
  • Ford prepared to accommodate approaching direct that comes with New York officials commendatory a Transit Connect Taxi for service
  • Approximately 13,000 taxis use a nation’s largest city; for decades, a infancy of them have been Ford vehicles


NEW YORK, Jul 21, 2011 – New York City officials named Ford Transit Connect a cab of now this morning, green-lighting a nimble, fuel-efficient car for use in a Big Apple.

The New York Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) authorized a Ford Transit Connect Taxi for use during a frequently scheduled open conference today. New York joins Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia on a list of large cities where officials have authorized Transit Connect Taxi for use.

Transit Connects already are in use via a country. With today’s approval, some-more purpose-built taxis are on their approach to a nation’s largest city to accommodate a direct approaching among cab owners.

“For decades, Ford has been synonymous with New York City taxis, and we are gratified residents and tourists now will advantage from a next-generation vehicle,” pronounced Mark Fields, Ford boss of The Americas. “We have Transit Connect Taxis in use opposite a country, and people tell us they adore a expanse and a fuel efficiency.”

Approval means a Ford Transit Connect Taxi has met a specifications set onward by a TLC. The Ford Taurus also was authorized for use. The elect is obliged for law and chartering of all taxis in a city and is famous as a largest and many active cab and limousine regulatory physique in a United States.

The capitulation in New York comes reduction than a month after a dense healthy gas (CNG) chronicle of a Transit Connect Taxi was authorized by a California Air Resources Board for use in California.

“Approval from a TLC is poignant since it allows Ford a event to offer New York City cab operators and a roving open a cab that is comfortable, durable, provides glorious fuel potency and delivers it all in a most smaller footprint that helps with congestion,” pronounced Kevin Koswick, director, Ford North American Fleet Operations.

The open design of a Transit Connect Taxi provides glorious interior headroom and newcomer visibility. 

With 6.5 inches of belligerent clearance, passengers step simply by a shifting doors. The back doorway opening is 50.2 inches far-reaching during a building and has a tallness of 52.1 inches.

The Transit Connect Taxi is approved to Ford Light Commercial Vehicle Durability Standards, while cessation components and a underbody structure have upheld mandate for potholes and curbs. The 39-foot branch hole creates it easier to hoop parsimonious spots.

With a customary 2.0-liter four-cylinder gas engine and involuntary transmission, a conventionally powered Transit Connect delivers a best-in-class 23 mpg combined, an estimated 30 percent alleviation in fuel potency contra many of today’s normal taxis. Ford also offers engine prep packages that concede conversions to CNG and LPG (liquefied propane gas).

The initial Transit Connect Taxi was delivered final Dec to a taxicab association in Boston. Since then, some-more than 100 have been sole to companies in Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, St. Louis and Orlando, Fla., to name a few.

“We extol TLC Commissioner David Yassky and a New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission for commendatory a usually next-generation purpose-built taxicab now accessible on a market, a rarely reviewed and energetically expected Ford Transit Connect Taxi,” pronounced Ron Sherman, president, Metropolitan Taxicab Board of Trade.  

“This provides a 35 fleets with a event to transition from one purpose-built blurb taxicab – a Crown Victoria – to a Transit Connect as early as this fall,” he added. “Ford has been a good partner with a New York City cab attention for decades, and this car represents a joining to a destiny of a cab attention via a country.”

Robert Gaye, CEO, Orlando-based Transtar Transportation Group, pronounced he done a preference to supplement Transit Connect Taxis to his swift progressing this year. The Transit Connect Taxis he bought use Orlando International Airport and a surrounding executive Florida area underneath a Star Taxi name.

Gaye pronounced that passengers and drivers are responding positively, praising a demeanour of a vehicle, a fuel potency and a comfort turn among other things.

“The response has been tremendous,” pronounced Gaye. “People will wait during cab stands privately for a Transit Connect Taxi. They only adore them. I’ve had zero though good reviews from both passengers and drivers.”


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