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Next step in clarifying a CO2 issue


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• Affected Volkswagen Group models of a stream indication year have been
• Customers being sensitive around website
• Discussions with a authorities have begun

The Volkswagen Group reports that a vehicles of a 2016 indication year influenced by a CO2 emanate have been identified. There is so now clarity about a new vehicles of a stream indication year out in a marketplace. On 3 Nov 2015, a Group had already reported that irregularities might have arisen in last a CO2 sum for form capitulation of around 800,000 vehicles. This was identified during a possess now ongoing investigations and had been done public.

The inner investigations into a stream vehicles of a 2016 indication year yield formula for squeezing down a indeed influenced vehicles with improbable CO2 figures. In sum for a 2016 indication year approx. 430,000 vehicles are influenced opposite a Group. A list of a particular brands’ influenced models is attached.

In sequence to assist any probable reassessment of a vehicles’ CO2 sum but delay, a applicable authorities are being sensitive of a latest findings. At a same time a Volkswagen Group is informing a importers and trade partners.

The subsequent step will now be, for instance for a Volkswagen brand, for a new CO2 sum to be dynamic underneath a organisation of a German Federal Vehicle and Transport Authority (KBA).

Over a entrance week, a brands’ inhabitant patron information pages on a Internet will also be combined to with information on a CO2 issue. By entering their car marker series (VIN), business can find out here either their car is affected. For a Volkswagen code in Germany, for example, a couple is

To what border models of prior years are influenced continues to be looked into in and with a authorities. Based on what is famous during present, a Volkswagen Group continues to expect that this will be a formerly communicated sum figure of around 800,000 vehicles. The Volkswagen Group is in further already in discourse with a particular countries’ financial and mercantile authorities so that all taxes outset in approach propinquity to a CO2 emanate are charged true to a Volkswagen Group and not to a customers.

What is certain is that a vehicles’ reserve is really not influenced and there is therefore no need for any technical measures to be taken.

Note: You will find this content and a list of vicious CO2 vehicles, indication year 2016, during The information contained in this press recover does not impute to any products or services of a Volkswagen Group of America or of Volkswagen Canada.