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Nissan: 2016 Nissan Maxima – Eight Great Things To Know

2016 Nissan Maxima Press Kit


The 2016 Maxima is a 8th era of Nissan’s iconic 4-Door Sports Car (or 4DSC) – yet a tenure wasn’t coined until a 3rd era 1989 model. The really initial indication to wear a Maxima name had an “8” in a name – a 1981 Datsun 810 Maxima. Technically, it was a 2nd era Datsun 810, though a initial central Maxima for those gripping score. For a 1982 indication year, a 810 badging was private and Maxima fast went on to turn one of a best famous and many renouned Datsuns/Nissans for a subsequent three-plus decades.

That was then, this is now. Here, in honour of those good generations that have left before, are 8 things we competence not know about a all-new 2016 Maxima:

  1. Angelic Inspiration: To pattern a new-generation Maxima, Nissan designers visited a U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels®*. The cockpit pattern of their aircraft is echoed in a wrap-around pattern of a Maxima’s. Externally, Maxima is lowered, sculpted and streamlined to grasp a unconditional aerodynamic form that has some-more than a small jet warrior to it. To move all this impulse to life, a special steel stamping technique was developed, adding a particular absolute gesticulate to a bodyline and deeply scalloped doors.

  2. By a Numbers: The new 8th era Maxima is longer, lower, lighter and tighter that a prior era pattern – all numbers that raise a sports automobile side of 4DSC – 33 millimetres (1.3 inches) lower, 56 millimetres (2.2 inches) wider, 36 kilograms (82 pounds) lighter and 25 per cent some-more torsional rigidity.

  3. HP/MPG: Speaking of numbers, here are a few some-more improvements contra a prior generation: horsepower +10 (to 300 hp), new engine tools 61% (including cylinder conduct design, piston surfacing, piston rings, sodium-filled empty valves, oil pan) and 15 per cent softened (highway A integrate of other numbers – during 85.7 horsepower/litre, Maxima achieves a high specific outlay (HP/L) and improved power-to-weight ratio than a BMW 335i or Acura TLX V6.*** 

  4. Sounds Like Max Spirit: If a 2016 Maxima drives by a timberland on a favourite circuitous road, and no one solely a motorist is there, what does it sound like? Quiet and utterly amazing. Maxima’s luxury-level interior serenity is enabled by a focus of laminated glass, not usually on a windshield though also on a front doorway windows, while an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) complement works most like sound cancelling headphones to assistance revoke upsetting low-frequency sounds. As for amazing, a new Active Sound Enhancement (ASE) complement enhances a existent engine sound from a mythological 3.5-litre V6 into a cabin, delivering a stirring soundtrack. Engaging “Sport” mode takes a engine note a step serve with a complement permitting an even aloft engine note width in a cabin.

  5. Textural Messaging: When formulating a new Maxima’s interior, a pattern group sought to light a senses – so they combined reward touches and touchpoints via including 3 singular “faceted” trim treatments (Razor Steel, Liquid Chrome and Mahogany timber tone), diamond-quilted chair inserts and genuine stitching on a instrument panel, doors and console. The D-shaped steering circle on Maxima SR even has an Alcantara® insert, since a highway shouldn’t be a usually thing we feel behind a wheel.

  6. How About A Coffee: Maxima Platinum models offers an accessible Driver Attention Alert (DAA) system****, that alerts a motorist when indolent or musing pushing is detected. DAA monitors steering submit patterns (using steering angle sensors) and if it detects pushing function unchanging with a indolent driver, a complement uses an heard carillon sound and displays a amber coffee crater with a summary reading, “Take a break?” in a vehicle’s information display.

  7. Who’s a Emboss: Look closely during a new Maxima’s headlights and side taillight reflectors and we competence notice something additional – embossed “4DSC” logos. Best noticed by others when parked.

  8. Max Plant: The 2016 Maxima is fabricated during Nissan’s modernized Smyrna, Tennessee trickery – that in calendar year 2014 constructed some-more vehicles (648,000) than any other automotive plant in North America. Maxima engines are fabricated in circuitously Decherd, Tennessee.


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* Blue Angels® is a purebred symbol of a Department of a Navy. Use does not paint any endorsement, voiced or implied, by a Department of Defense, Department of a Navy, or any other United States supervision agency.
*** MY 2016 Nissan Maxima v. 2015 Acura TLX V6 and BMW 335i. Competitor information performed from manufacturer’s websites. 
****It is a driver’s shortcoming to sojourn warning during all times. DAA is usually a warning to surprise a motorist of a intensity miss of motorist courtesy or drowsiness. It does not detect and yield an warning in each situation. See Owner’s Manual for details.