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Nissan Americas Hosts First-Ever Energy and Sustainability Summit



Nissan Americas Hosts First-Ever Energy and Sustainability Summit

Leading companies see a rival advantage in posterior appetite government and sustainability strategies. Myriad reasons expostulate these efforts, including support for a bottom line, insurance opposite appetite risks and a enterprise to position a company’s operations and practices to mount behind energy-efficient product offerings.

Most companies also see a advantage to partnership and pity best practices in an bid to adjust strategies as shareholder and universe expectations change.

The Nissan Americas group recently took stairs to share a best practices in a area of appetite government and sustainability, and to learn from colleagues, during a first-ever Nissan Americas Energy and Sustainability limit in Franklin, Tenn., from Dec. 13 to 15.

A special importance was placed via a 3 days of presentations on substantiating contacts and networks… both within a Americas region… and with a attending “best in class” companies, including Coca-Cola, Ingersoll Rand , Alcoa and Kimberly-Clark.

The Americas Energy and Sustainability Summit was also an event to share sum of Nissan’s U.S. ENERGY STAR collection and module believe opposite a Americas segment and among a general partners in attendance.

With events like this initial Energy and Sustainability Summit, a prophesy for a zero-emission multitude in a destiny looks really splendid indeed.

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