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Nissan: Bart Buttles

Bart Buttles is informal clamp president, Nissan Central Region, Nissan North America, Inc., a position to that he was allocated in Jun 2017. In this role, Buttles is obliged for informal sales and marketing, inducement spending, distribution, play network development, financial controls, and play and patron compensation opposite Nissan’s seven-state Central Region.

Previously, Buttles was director, Nissan Sales Operations. In Feb 2013, he became area ubiquitous manager, Nissan Southeast Region. Before that, he was a INFINITI area ubiquitous manager and INFINITI informal ubiquitous manager, Northeast Region.

Prior to fasten Nissan, Buttles worked in several sales and selling roles with augmenting responsibilities during General Motors.

Buttles binds a bachelor’s grade in selling and business government from Northwood University, and a master’s grade in business administration from Baker University. He is formed in Irving, Texas.

(Updated Aug 2017)