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Nissan: Canada’s many affordable new car, a 2015 Nissan Micra, reaches 9,998 sales milestone

Mississauga, Ont. – On Mar 30, reduction than a year after a lapse to a Canadian market, a 2015 Nissan Micra reached a sales miracle of 9,998 units – coinciding with a subcompact’s starting Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of usually $9,998*. Sales of a 2015 Nissan Micra surpassed a 10,000 section symbol on Mar 31st for a grand sum of 10,265. Nissan also announced currently a Micra offers a lowest cost of tenure in a class**, according to formula expelled currently from a Vincentric study.

“Small cars are a widespread partial of Nissan’s DNA and have been given a company’s initial cars rolled off in public line in Japan in 1935. Here we are 80 years later, celebrating a subcompact automobile that maintains that Japanese birthright in a durability, though also blends in European styling, punctuated with several facilities tailored for Canadians, by Canadians,” says Christian Meunier, boss of Nissan Canada.

“The Nissan Micra is well-developed for those 3 characteristics, though what stands out a many are a definite value proposition, and a fun-to-drive personality. we am anxious to news such a stellar initial year for Micra, a automobile that has taken Canada by storm.”

Since rejoining a choice final May, a 2015 Nissan Micra gifted an expansion by channel into a array of automotive realms including: convene racing in Targa Newfoundland 2014; a stylish new trim in a Micra KROM; and an wholly new Canadian racing array formed on a bottom Micra S – a Nissan Micra Cup that launches on May 22nd in Quebec.

Nissan Micra’s evolutionary year

The Nissan Micra done story final year as a new automobile with a lowest starting MSRP in Canada, and also charity a lowest cost-of-entry for an contentment of must-have facilities including: Bluetooth, Rear View Monitor, journey control, primer atmosphere conditioning and involuntary transmission. The multiple of Micra being fun-to-drive, and a unbeatable value valid to ring with Canadians.

In a fourth entertain of 2014, Nissan grabbed a lead of a subcompact shred with an normal marketplace share of 20 per cent with sales of Versa Note and Micra combined. Micra continues to be in direct in 2015 with an normal 14 per cent marketplace share in a segment, and 26 per cent when sum with Versa Note.

Nissan didn’t wait to take Micra’s picture to a subsequent level. In Nov of 2014, a special book was announced – a Krom. Built on a renouned SV Convenience grade, a Nissan Micra Krom package starts for an additional $599 and facilities chrome counterpart covers, doorway hoop covers, doorway side moldings, case entrance guards as good as a Canadian roof striking and special “Krom” badge.

The subsequent journey for Micra was one of a many sparkling in a history– participating in a Grand Touring Division in Targa Newfoundland 2014. Two bottom indication Micras – with no modifications solely an commissioned glow extinguisher – rose to a plea and successfully tackled over 1,600 kilometres each, labyrinth a mostly perfectionist Newfoundland roads.

The Nissan Micra’s motorsport story in Canada is usually only beginning. In reduction than twin months, Nissan will launch a first-ever competition for a Nissan Micra Cup – Canada’s many affordable racing array with Canada’s many affordable car. Sanctioned by Auto Sport Québec (ASQ) and presented by JD Promotion Compétition with a support of Nissan Canada, a Nissan Micra Cup exclusively facilities a batch Micra 1.6 S M/T indication with teenager modifications, including NISMO cessation – to describe it race-ready. The first-ever competition for a Nissan Micra Cup will take place over 3 days – May 22, 23, 24 – during Circuit Mont-Tremblant, one of a excellent and many perfectionist marks in Canada.

Micra: charity Canadians a lowest cost of ownership

In a past year, a Nissan Micra has been awarded countless accolades including:’s subcompact of a year, Meilleure Citadine from le Guide de l’auto, AutoGo’s Best Car for Students, and named Clef D’Or by Annuel de l’Automobile and many recently, a initial 2015 ALG Residual Value Award in a City Car segment.

Today, Nissan is gratified to announce a Nissan Micra’s unbeatable value has again been validated, this time by a Vincentric investigate measuring lifecycle costs. The investigate found a Micra has a lowest cost of tenure in a class, while also addressing all requested aspirant models.

Costs totalled were depreciation, fuel costs, insurance, maintenance, repairs, financing, fees and taxes and even eventuality cost, that is a detriment of intensity seductiveness income as a outcome of owning and handling a vehicle.

The investigate insincere that owners will expostulate 16,000, 20,000, or 24,000 kilometers per year in Canada for two, three, four, or 5 years, for sum of 12 opposite calculations for any model.

The normal lifecycle costs for any indication were afterwards compared to establish that had a lowest lifecycle costs in any of a 12 scenarios. The formula showed that a 2015 Nissan Micra achieved a best in a two, three, and 4 year scenarios for 16,000 and 20,000 annual KM. The Micra also had a second and third best formula in a 5 year scenarios. This was essentially due to a Micra carrying a lowest marketplace cost and lowest debasement cost compared to a competitors.

Big potency in a tiny package

In further to presenting Canadians with a best regulating cost in a class, a Nissan Micra offers constrained real-world fuel economy as recently valid during an eventuality hosted by a Automobile Journalists’ Association of Canada (AJAC). The ride-and-drive event, a AJAC EcoRun, is an annual showcase of a accumulation of eco-friendly vehicles, that embody pristine electrics, plug-in and required hybrids, hydrogen fuel cells, diesel-fuelled powertrains and highly-efficient gasoline options. The purpose of a EcoRun is to assistance surprise consumers of these choice options, as good as providing accurate highway contrast fuel economy numbers.

Over a march of twin days and some-more than 200 kilometres, a Micra S constructed a best fuel economy total out of a 9 inner explosion engine vehicles participating in a event, and surpassed a central Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) rating of 7.7L/100 km. At a end of a 2015 AJAC EcoRun, a Nissan Micra’s real-world fuel economy normal was an considerable 5.54L/100 kilometres, proof a capability of a Micra’s modernized 1.6-litre DOHC 4-cylinder engine with twin fuel injection and Twin CVTC (Continuously Variable Timing Control).

*Excludes taxes.

** Based on a formula from a Feb 2015 Vincentric Model Level Analysis of 2015 Nissan Micra and aspirant models, regulating primer delivery if available. Segmentation formed on AIAMC attention standard.  



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