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Nissan: Carlos Ghosn gives a keynote address, binds Q&A event and media roundtable during a 2016 NYIAS

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NEW YORK In New York today, Nissan authority and Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn gave a keynote residence to open a 2016 New York International Auto Show during a Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. In a debate trimming from a Renault-Nissan Alliance to electric vehicles and a entrance Wednesday of a 2017 GT-R to a impact of new mobility technologies, a CEO put in context some of a pivotal opportunities for all players in a “new spring” for a car industry. Shortly after, he reason a QA event with Jason Stein, editor and publisher, Automotive News. Watch both videos below.

Keynote Address during 2016 NYIAS Opening Breakfast
(A twin of this debate can be found below.)


QA during 2016 NYIAS Opening Breakfast


Media Roundtable






Remarks from Carlos Ghosn, Chairman CEO, Renault-Nissan Alliance, during a Press Preview Breakfast from a 2016 New York International Auto Show
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York
Mar 23, 2016

Before we begin, we wish to acknowledge that a thoughts currently are with a people of Belgium after yesterday’s horrific attacks in that city – and many generally with a victims and their desired ones. The effects of such meaningless acts of terrorism are felt deeply here in New York and around a world.

We’re here currently to symbol a industry’s sermon of spring: The kick-off of a New York International Auto Show.

Our attention is advantageous to be entrance off a year of expansion that went good over what many of us were forecasting.  It was also a year of plain expansion for Nissan, with a U.S. sales adult some-more than 7 percent.

In fact, Nissan was a usually vital code in a United States that saw a marketplace share grow final year, and we sole dual of a Top 10 best-selling cars in a nation: a Altima and Sentra.  Also, by a finish of this month we design a North American shred to transcend 2 million sales in a mercantile year for a initial time. We also design to sell some-more than 2 million units in North America in calendar year 2016.

Not surprisingly, a expansion has coincided with a “crossoverization” of a U.S. marketplace – and there appears to be no finish in steer to a conspicuous expansion in crossovers here and around a world.

U.S. sales of a Nissan Rogue were adult some-more than 44 percent final year, sourroundings a record and relocating adult to fourth place in a industry’s fastest-growing segment.  In addition, sales of a new Nissan Murano increasing some-more than 33 percent final year.

And, of course, we have high expectations for a all-new Titan pickup, that has been picking adult “Truck of a Year” awards opposite a media landscape.

It’s also value observant that Nissan has gained usually in newcomer automobile sales, and we are now opposed for a number-two automobile sales mark behind Toyota.

Our sales have been increased by a launch of a eighth-generation Nissan Maxima and by improvements via a business, including patron satisfaction.  Just final week, a latest J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Index showed Nissan softened some-more than any other automaker and now ranks sixth in a attention – forward of a Japanese competitors.

And after this morning we’ve got some some-more fad in store when we betray a latest chronicle of a opening champion, a Nissan GT-R, with a prolonged list of estimable improvements.

2015 was a good year for Infiniti as good – with sales adult 14 percent. That’s a trend we see stability this year with a launch of a Infiniti QX-30 and QX-60 crossovers and Q-60 sports coupe, as good as a poignant refurbish of a Q-50 sports sedan.

Unease over ‘disruption’

So all-in-all, a clever year for Nissan and for a altogether industry. And streamer into spring, we see fast expansion stability this year during around 2 percent for a altogether U.S. market.

Of course, if we review some of a new explanation on a industry, we could get a clarity that it’s headed into a long, stormy, nervous winter.  There’s been a lot of speak about “disruption” — about new competitors who guarantee a new proceed to what a automobile can be.

Much of this confusion over intensity intrusion has resulted from a fast presentation of new technologies and supposed “mobility services” – all of that are competing to settle a new prophesy of a industry’s future.  In addition, these technologies are building during a speed unknown to a industry.

Whether we’re articulate about Autonomous Drive and connected car technologies, ride-sharing services, or choice thrust technologies, a fact is, nothing of us knows for certain that will spin mainstream.

We can make some prepared guesses and distributed bets – and we have – though in a finish business will confirm that technologies and business skeleton will survive.

So, yes, a destiny isn’t clear.  The biggest questions revolve around how these potentially disruptive changes will come about:

  • What regulatory roadblocks will emerge?
  • What purpose will tech companies play?
  • Which of a companies will attain or destroy in addressing a entrance call of change?
  • And that will be means to pierce fast and adjust in such a fast changing technological landscape?

I don’t fake to know all a answers to these questions. But rather than fear a disruption, we trust a attention unequivocally has no choice though to welcome it.

I design a tellurian automobile attention to see some-more changes in a subsequent 5 years than it has in a final 20. And those changes will move extensive opportunities for those companies with a skills and foreknowledge to seize them.

Rather than fear tech companies’ interest, we see this new foe as healthy for a industry.  We have a lot to learn from them, and they have most to learn from us, that is utterly transparent deliberation all a automotive talent they have been hiring.

Thoughts on a future

So with that said, let me share a few thoughts on what we see on a industry’s long-term horizon.

When we final spoke during this breakfast – in 2012 – a attention was still focused on either electric vehicles were a future. Nissan had usually introduced a LEAF a year progressing and we had sole 30,000 units.

Since then, a Renault-Nissan Alliance is heading a attention with some-more than 300,000 EVs sole globally – not as most as we had expected, though positively a healthy start.

More significantly, currently scarcely any vital automaker has desirous projects underway for new EVs and other zero-emissions vehicles. It’s transparent EVs are here to stay.

The Nissan LEAF is a world’s top-selling EV by far, with some-more than 200,000 owners.
And that’s a position we devise to keep.

The LEAF has also spin a tip Nissan car in patron compensation – tied with a GT-R.

There are several reasons to be bullish about EVs’ future:

  • To understanding with a hazard of meridian change, a universe is perfectionist that a attention deposit some-more in zero-emissions transportation;
  • Governments around a universe are commanding stricter boundary on CO2 emissions … and one vital response has to be electrification;
  • But over environmental regulation, EVs usually make sense.

We have already seen within a Alliance how a cost of EVs continues to go down as their economies of scale start to in. closer to those enjoyed by a inner explosion engine.

EVs are also comparatively elementary machines:  A battery and electric motors.  They need distant reduction service, no oil changes and they are intensely reliable.

With battery record improving and a charging infrastructure expanding in most of a world, we are impending a branch indicate where EVs will spin some-more of a mainstream option.

There’s been another vicious change given we final spoke here: In 2012, no one was articulate about Autonomous Drive vehicles.

In January, we visited Nissan’s Silicon Valley RD offices in California. we spent substantial time pushing around a streets of Sunnyvale – hands-free and with my eyes off a road.

Autonomous Drive cars that can change lanes on their own, negotiate city streets and hoop a grind of stop-and-go trade are entrance soon. In fact, a Renault-Nissan Alliance will launch during slightest 10 models with poignant Autonomous Drive functionality by 2020.

Those cars will be distant some-more connected than those on a highway today.  They will be a most some-more personal space, an prolongation of ourselves – usually as smartphones are today.

And a EV is a ideal height for a destiny of Autonomous Drive and connected car technology, that will, in turn, assistance accelerate a adoption of EVs.

The trend toward some-more connected cars is also vicious to accommodate a expectations of a destiny buyers, those who are usually removing their driver’s licenses today. 

The advantages of rarely connected, Autonomous Drive cars are clear:  They reason a guarantee of creation pushing distant safer, reduction stressful, some-more fit and some-more rewarding.  And as we did with a EVs, Nissan and a Alliance will aim these destiny cars during a heart of a mass marketplace – in line with a expostulate toward “Mobility for All.”


With any general automobile show, some-more automakers are spelling out their visions and fixation their bets on a future.  And that’s good.

Yes, there’s a lot during stake. Yes, there is a lot of uncertainty. But this is not a time for a regressive or a cautious.

Because for those open to new ideas and new ways of doing things, a opportunities for a attention to grow and improved offer society’s needs has never been greater.

The tentative partnership of new technologies and new business models means not usually new business opportunities, though eventually a some-more fit and safer travel complement during a reduce cost to society.

Three army – electrification, Autonomous Drive and connectivity – are about to change a attention in ways we are usually commencement to imagine. 

To me, it feels like we’re during a emergence of a new open in a automobile industry, and I’m vehement to see how this new epoch unfolds.

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