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Nissan: Domo arigato, Mrs. Doorboto


Farmington Hills , Mich. – Ever consternation how mostly a normal automobile doorway is sealed in 10 years? About 45,000 times. Many of those closures, as relatives can attest, are harder than your normal slam.
Daily life is tough on doors. With continuance as a core principle, Nissan engineers a vehicles to withstand tough avocation cycles.
At Nissan Technical Center North America (NTCNA) in Michigan, it’s Mrs. Doorboto – also famous as Rosie, who is a door-slammer-in-chief.
Rosie is a 1.5-ton door-durability robot, and in only 3 days, but need of a coffee break, she opens and closes a doorway as mostly as a standard patron would in 10 years.
While it might be a severe life for a doorway during NTCNA, this severe contrast ensures tip peculiarity and continuance for Nissan customers.
And for that we say, “Domo arigato, Mrs. Doorboto.”

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